Justice for Judge Bañez and all victims of human rights violations! Unite and end the tyrant US-Duterte regime, the Filipino people’s slaughterer!

Gunmen, riding in tandem, killed the Honorable Judge Mario Anacleto Marrero Bañez on Nov. 5, 2019 at 5:40 PM on his way home in San Fernando City, La Union. Today is Honorable Judge Bañez’s interment rites.

No others but killer Duterte’s death squads and his protectors of big drug syndicates had done such a treacherous act. Before this, Judge Bañez told his family last Sept. 3 that his decisions to acquit Rachel Mariano from the trumped-up cases charged against her by the AFP were his stand to defend truth and justice, and convict those accused in Duterte’s anti-drug war. Such decisions could have been one of the bases why pro-US imperialist Gen. Parlade has asked the Supreme Court to investigate judges who have exonerated victims whom the AFP have accused as communist-NPA terrorists in the reactionary armed forces’ red-tagging sprees.

Judge Bañez is now the 8th victim of tyrant Duterte’s fascist armed forces in Northern Luzon. Before him, two (2) peasants, Joaquin Cadacgan and Nardy Gunnawa, from Kalinga were suspected as NPAs and murdered by the fascist army. Next were the two (2) peasant leaders, Uyammi and William Bugatti, in Ifugao; and Airel Diaz, the chairperson of DAGAMI (Danggayan dagiti Mannalon ti Isabela) were killed in cold blood. Then came the extra-judicial killings of Fr. Mark Ventura in Cagayan and NDPF peace consultant Randy Felix Malayao in Aritao, Nueva Vizcaya.

All over the country in just the three (3) years of tormenter Duterte, extra-judicial killings by his reactionary military and police forces have now reached a total of 266 victims. Besides these EJKs are the 394 frustrated murder victims, who include American Brandon Lee in Ifugao; 10 enforced disappearances; and 126 torture victims. A total of more than 2,500 have been illegally arrested and detained, including five (5) peasant mass leaders of DAGAMI in Isabela. And more than 87,600 cases of threats, harassments and intimidations, have been done to activists and members of people’s organizations as well Church people and human rights defenders, who have all been red-tagged by the pro-US imperialist military and police rightwing commanders as communist-NPA supporters and their legal and legitimate organizations as communist-NPA fronts.

All of the above human rights violations are, in fact, the result of tyrant Duterte’s “Whole-of-Nation Approach”, patterned after the “Whole-of-Government” of the US State Department’s 2009 Counterinsurgency Guide which was used by the imperialist US armed forces against the people of Iraq and Afghanistan. In truth, Duterte’s daydream objective to end the local communist armed conflict (ELCAC) by 2022 is just an alibi of the tyrant’s “Whole-of-Nation Approach”, which, in reality, is a de facto martial law not only in Mindanao but throughout the whole country. He has, in fact, militarized the whole bureaucracy by positioning his more than 70 retired police and military generals in key governmental positions and by letting his mercenary AFP and PNP forces to control and dictate all local government units. He has been and is still using the “war against drug” to kill activists who aspire for national liberation and democracy, and to intimidate, harass the legal and legitimate people’s democratic movement and the political oppositionists, and actually protect the big landlords and comprador bourgeoisie, the big bureaucrat capitalists and drug syndicates in the Philippines.

There is no other way to achieve national liberation and democracy but for the whole Filipino people to unite and oust tyrant Duterte in order to end this fascist US-backed regime. And the only way to solve the root causes of the armed conflict is to increase and strengthen the platoon and company formations of the NPA and the Filipino armed masses, wage and heighten the Protracted People’s War for the advancement of the National Democratic Revolution, continue building the Filipino people’s revolutionary democratic government, pursue the agrarian revolution and national industrialization, and stand at all times for national sovereignty and democracy. Such is the only legitimate way for the Filipino people to terminate the class dictatorship of the big landlords and big comprador bourgeoisie, and thoroughly end the unbridled US-Duterte puppetry, neo-liberalism, fascism, corruption, economic plunder, repression and abuses, poverty and impoverishment of the Filipino people, for socialist construction to finally commence nation-wide.

Justice for Honorable Judge Bañez and all victims of human rights violations!
Power to the Filipino people! Oust the brutal, corrupt and tyrant Duterte!
Join the New People’s Army and the People’s War!
Advance the People’s War to higher stages!
Onward to final nation-wide victory!

Justice for Judge Bañez and all victims of human rights violations! Unite and end the tyrant US-Duterte regime, the Filipino people's slaughterer!