Keeping secret Duterte’s real state of health aims to preempt open rivalries within ruling clique

Malacañang announced yesterday that it will not issue any official bulletin about Duterte’s real state of health. At the same time, it is furiously spinning stories to make it appear the he remains physically healthy.

His inner circle, Bong Go, in particular, has released contrived stories with questionable videos and pictures to make it appear that he is healthy enough to ride a big motorcycle (despite his “unbearable” back pains). They are downplaying his gaunt physical appearance (skin color, facial expression, gait and so on) which many people interpret as signs of deteriorating health.

Malacañang morbidly fears the consequence of public talk of Duterte’s failing physical condition. Any speculation of Duterte dying soon or long before his term ends will surely weaken his ruling coalition and intensify the crisis of the ruling system.

  1. It will expose antagonisms between his temporary allies, with the
    different factions jockeying for greater powers against each other.
  2. It will further intensify violent contradictions within the military andpolice which is now racked by controversies over crime and corruption, aswell as hazing and other cases of abuses.
  3. It will also weaken his stature as the Philippine drug overlord as
    prospects of him dying soon will surely embolden one or several syndicates to break away from the “protection” of his drug kingdom.
  4. It will motivate Bongbong Marcos to more vigorously push the resolutionof his complaint before the Presidential Electoral Tribunal to favor hisbid to assume the vice-presidency.

Whatever the real state of Duterte’s health, it is indubitable that the Filipino people aspire to see his rule of tyranny and fascism end the soonest, whether politically or naturally. They must fortify the unity of all democratic forces to make sure that Duterte’s evil cabal will go away with him.

issued by:

Marco L. Valbuena
Chief Information Officer

Keeping secret Duterte's real state of health aims to preempt open rivalries within ruling clique