Laud EJC-NPA Rinconada for decisively facing the 9th ID’s fascist attacks — NPA-Bicol

RJC-NPA Bikol expresses its highest salutation to all Red commanders and fighters in the region for decisively facing the relentless attacks of the military and police. RJC-NPA Bikol also exalts all Red commanders and fighters who have sacrificed their lives in order to advance the just and fair people’s war.  The Bikolano masses can expect the NPA to firmly grasp and fulfill their duty to serve and protect the oppressed and exploited masses. NPA units actively thwart attacks of the fascist state while further strengthening the unity of the people to face the dictatorship of the US-Duterte regime.

This May 22, the 83rd IB attacked a unit of the Edmundo Jacob Command (EJC-NPA Rinconada) in Iriga City. A Red fighter was killed in this encounter. Last April, the 2nd IB incessantly pursued units of the Jose Rapsing Command (JRC-NPA Masbate) even in the middle of the effectivity of the unilateral ceasefire both declared by the GRP and NDFP.

Duterte will certainly use all the resources of his fascist government in order to crush the people’s revolutionary spirit and fully exercise his delirious dictatorial power in the remaining two years of his regime. RJC-NPA Bikol strongly calls on all its unit commands to embolden its offensive posture against the AFP-PNP-CAFGU.

NPA units must carefully study the movements of the enemy in their respective areas. Exercise and advance the science of guerilla warfare in order to decisively face the attacks of the AFP-PNP-CAFGU. Mobilize the people’s militia and self-defense units in order to face and protect the barrio people from the wrath of state fascism.

Further strengthen the agrarian revolution on different levels in order to raise the people’s spirit of cooperation, collectivization and collective action. Strengthen the NPA’s recruitment campaign, especially amongst the youth, farmers and workers. Be creative in organizing the masses to widen the membership of revolutionary mass organizations, and as a result, deepen the pool for recruitment of more Red fighters.

Expose and fight the SEMPO-like attacks in Bikol!
Stand against state fascism!
Overthrow the US-Duterte regime!

Laud EJC-NPA Rinconada for decisively facing the 9th ID’s fascist attacks -- NPA-Bicol