Liars of the AFP-PNP Can Never Cover Up Their Losses Against the New People’s Army

The Cordillera People’s Democratic Front (CPDF) again salutes and congratulates the commanders and Red fighters of the Leonardo Pacsi Command-NPA Mountain Province for repulsing and frustrating the massive attacks of combined forces of the Cordillera Police Regional Mobile Force Command (CPRMFC), unit of the Special Action Force (SAF) and units of the 54th IB. Set to sabotage the celebration of the 50th founding anniversary of the New People’s Army, the CPRMFC taste their own bullets on the day of the anniversary celebration on March 29, 2019. Follow up operations on March 31 by the 54th IB were harassed at Mt. Makilkilat, Tadian and combat troops who conducted pursuit operations were met at Sitio Cabunagan, Poblacion, Tadian on April 2.

Adept at lying, PNP/AFP generals and their spokespersons are quick to find excuses and spew lies in a desperate attempt to downgrade their defeat in battles. No amount of crocodile tears from the commanding generals of the PNP and AFP including their Commander-In-Chief can soothe the grief of families and widowed wives of young policemen thrown into battles they hardly comprehend but are forced to if only to comply with stupid orders and prodding from their commander-in-chief and his coterie of civilianmilitary junta that virtually holds the rein of government today.

According to Comrade Magno Udyaw, spokesperson of LPC, a total of three were killed in action and not less than nine were wounded in action on the side of the mercenary troops in the three armed firefights namely on the morning of March 29, afternoon of March 31 and in the afternoon of April 2.

The commanding generals of the AFP/PNP are preposterously lying when they claimed that the improvised explosive device (IED) that killed one and wounded eight others at Cabunagan, Poblacion, Tadian last April 2 was unmanned and exploded when it was caught by the forest fire started by the withdrawing Red fighters of the NPA. Only storytellers like the AFP can come up with a fictional story like that. Comrade Magno Udyaw retorted that the IED that exploded was command detonated. Which means that it was only detonated by the explosive operator upon command of the unit commander that the target combat troop of the enemy has entered the designated killing zone. Aside from that, there is no forest fire on that site at the time, and the Red fighters are not stupid to start a forest fire that can catch up with their maneuver. Accustomed in releasing fake news, it is not farfetched for these spin masters to concoct a preposterous story to downgrade their defeat. They simply cannot accept that even with their superior manpower and weaponry, they are still defeated by the NPA. With this story, they also vainly try to conjure a scenario where they could find a reason to charge the NPA with violating the Ottawa Treaty on the employment of unmanned IED that would explode when subjected to pressure or extreme heat. The NPA has long adhered to the Ottawa Treaty through banning the use of landmines in its operations and has been employing command-detonated explosives instead. The AFP and the PNP further shows its ignorance as it does not know how to differentiate a command-detonated explosive from an unmanned landmine.

The CPDF reiterates its call on the PNP and AFP’s rank and file to defy stupid orders of your higher officials. While they plunge you into the doom of battle in combat zone equipped with make believe intelligence informations, they wallow in comfort and line up their pockets with graft-laden combat operational funds in implementing Oplan Kapayapaan, its counter-insurgency program patterned after the US Counter-Insurgency Guide in 1995. What honor is there to gain in allowing yourselves as willing tools of the USDuterte regime to suppress opposition and continue to sell out our ancestral lands in the Cordillera and the whole country – our patrimony in general to US, China and other imperialist vested interests? Search your souls!

Better still, join the true Filipino people’s army! The revolutionary masses await you!

Cherish the New People’s Army!

Long live the Cordillera People’s Democratic Front!

Advance the National Democratic Revolution till final victory!

Overthrow the US-Duterte Tyrannical Rule!

Liars of the AFP-PNP Can Never Cover Up Their Losses Against the New People's Army