Like his master Duterte, Gen. Arevalo is a barefaced braggart and liar


Desperate to show off the supposed gains of their heightened counter-revolutionary war efforts, 3ID recently released a report claiming that in the first quarter of this year alone they were able to successfully neutralize “34 NPA” members, including 6 “top leaders”.

The said narrative is consonant with the propaganda offensive of the US-Duterte regime to paint a winning picture of their failed campaign to destroy the armed revolutionary movement of the people.

As the end of the term of office of his boss draws nearer, 3ID commander Maj. Gen. Benedict Arevalo is ever more compelled to manufacture results that in effect showed a conjured figures of battlefield triumphs.

A deeper scrutiny of the report and the fantastic figures it contained will reveal the following:

Many of the so-called killed NPA fighters are civilians murdered by 3ID operating units and presented as NPAs in cases of botched strike operations against NPA units. Like what happened to the Sabanal brothers in Sitio Malikoliko, Barangay Carabalan, Himamaylan City on March 26;

Others are unarmed revolutionaries who were summarily executed after being apprehended like the case of couple Elbert Nicolas and Jessa Lucio Quillen in Sitio Kulihaw, Barangay Buenavista in aforesaid city on April 4;

Some are hors de combat that under international humanitarian law should have been afforded humane treatment like the case of Virgilio Marco Taman in Barangay Amin, Isabela;

Several are legal activists and peace consultant such as the case of youth leader and peasant organizer Carmen Jonesville Matarlo arrested together with NDFP peace consultant Ramon Patriarch in Barangay Suay, Himalayan on March 18.

A number are disenfranchised elements who have long cease their revolutionary activities and commitment.

Another standard practice of 3ID under Arevalo is the grossly exaggerated attribution of position, rank or authority.
Matarlo was the first presented as the staff of Patriarca, but in the report, she was billed as the secretary of CCP’s Regional Communications Bureau. Meanwhile, Patriarca was ridiculously portrayed both as the secretary and deputy secretary of KRN (Negros Regional Party Committee). A certain Raymart Hilacio Castillo was suddenly promoted as the regional finance officer of the alleged KR-NCBS. The civilian in who was killed by the AFP in Sitio Manlibod, Barangay Trinidad, Guihulngan City, Negros Oriental on January 15 was depicted as the finance officer of the Central Negros 1 guerilla front.

This aims to project an image of collapsing revolutionary movement with the arrest of its purported leaders, as well as, to justify the killings of civilians and activists.

Arevalo is a barefaced braggart and liar who will do anything to satisfy and promote the interest of his fascist master Duterte and his own. But no amount of bravado and fabrications can hide the obvious fact of mounting revolutionary resistance of the people amidst worsening socio-economic and political conditions under the US-Duterte regime.

As the crisis of the ruling semi-colonial and semi-feudal system worsens, the people’s democratic revolution will further advance to greater heights and come closer to its final victory. ###

Like his master Duterte, Gen. Arevalo is a barefaced braggart and liar