MAKIBAKA-EV: Condemn AFP’s false flag ops over killing of Catubig children


The Makabayang Kilusan ng Bagong Kababaihan (MAKIBAKA), the revolutionary mass organization of women in Eastern Visayas, condemns in the strongest terms the merciless killing and the subsequent massive disinformation, and blatant cover up by the AFP of their brutal strafing of civilians, including three children, in Barangay Roxas, Catubig, Northern Samar last February 8.

“The 20th Infantry Battalion and the entire leadership of the fascist Armed Forces of the Philippines show no remorse and spit on the graves of Catubig children by spewing lie after lie instead of owning up to their murderous crime. Without honor, they cowardly heap the blame onto revolutionary forces to cover up their merciless strafing of children and civilian farmers who were only gathering copra and tending to their farm,” Lorena Banaag, new MAKIBAKA-EV spokesperson said.

Citing verified reports from the local New People’s Army (NPA) unit in Catubig as well as residents of the barrio, Banaag said the children were not caught in crossfire nor gunned down by the NPA as the military would like everyone to believe. They died from the spree of gun attacks coming from the trigger-happy elements of the 20th IB.

“The military’s spinmeisters were quick to twist the truth even as the barangay council of Roxas has already lodged a blotter report that narrates 20th IB’s culpability over the killing. The terrorist strafing of innocent children alone is in itself infuriating; it becomes even more revolting that the AFP systematically robs justice from the bereaved families through false flag operations and mass deception,” Banaag added.

MAKIBAKA-EV said the incident has already been reported to the National Democratic Front of the Philippines-Women and Children’s Desk. The Roxas killings are only the latest case proving the AFP’s blatant disregard of the rights and welfare of children who are supposed to be protected in the conduct of warfare. Fascist criminals grossly violate the rules of war, international humanitarian law, and even domestic laws that protect women and children.

The revolutionary organization calls for human rights, the church sector, and other peace-loving and advocacy groups to condemn the incident and call for justice for the children. “They, including the Commission on Human Rights, are highly encouraged to conduct their own speedy, independent, and onsite investigation towards the filing of appropriate charges against the fascist criminals in the AFP.

“We call on the public to be critical and expose AFP’s false flag operations and all attempts to evade accountability, to condemn its terrorist attacks against farming communities, and to persistently call for justice for all victims of state terror,” Banaag ended.

MAKIBAKA-EV: Condemn AFP's false flag ops over killing of Catubig children