Marcos Jr is an international embarrassment


The Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) today issued a press release about a supposed “CPP plot to embarrass or discredit” the inauguration of the Marcos II regime.

In response, I wish to make the following points:

1) The DILG must be condemned for engaging in brazen red-baiting to justify their plan to use the police to suppress by force the mass actions set to be mounted on June 30 by various democratic sectors who aim to protest the fraudulent May 9 elections and the inauguration of illegitimate Marcos II regime. This clearly aims to intimidate and bully the people from joining the planned mass demonstrations.

2) It is well within the people’s rights to protest the oath-taking of Marcos Jr for having colluded with the Duterte regime to rig the May 9 elections to create the false picture of a “landslide victory.” By having stolen the recent elections, by owing the country ₱203 billion in unpaid taxes, by having lived off more than $10 billion in stolen wealth, and by having evaded justice over the past three decades, the assumption into office of the dictator’s scion and namesake is an international embarrassment for the Filipino people.

3) The so-called “communist plot” is a Marcosian concoction of the militarists in the National Task Force-Elcac and the DILG. It reminds us of the same claims made by Marcos Sr as pretext for declaring martial law in 1972. These militarists see a “plot” wherever there is opposition, dissent and criticism. They are exposing their fascist mindset when they publicly consider the exercise of democratic rights as “nefarious.” This intolerance is the mark of Marcosian “unity” that is abhorred by the democracy-loving Filipino people.

4) We urge the broad democratic sectors of the Filipino people to continue with their planned mass actions and militantly assert their rights to peaceably assemble and voice out their protest against the illegitimate Marcos II regime and the May 9 fraudulent elections. They must not allow themselves to be cowed or be curtailed from raising their voices and carrying forward the people’s national and democratic demands and interests of the Filipino people.

Marcos Jr is an international embarrassment