Marcos’ SONA ‘expected from an illegitimate, puppet and corrupt Marcos Jr’

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The first SONA of Ferdinand ‘Bongbong’ Marcos was “expected from an illegitimate, puppet and corrupt president” as it mentioned nothing about issues faced by the Filipino people that need immediate attention such as genuine agrarian reform, national industrialization, soaring prices, depressed wages, hunger and extreme poverty, according to Ka Juanito Magbanua, New People’s Army-Negros Island (AGC-NPA Negros) spokesperson.

“Marcos also failed to tackle major issues such as national sovereignty, human rights violations including those of his father’s dictatorship during the Martial Law era, Duterte’s ICC case, rampant corruption and the worsening state of national debt amounting to Php 12.7 trillion,” Magbanua said in a press statement today.

“The Filipino people will gain nothing out of his false promises and highfalutin jargon. They will continue to bear the brunt of a worsening socio-economic crisis under the semicolonial and semifeudal system,” he added.

Meanwhile, Magbanua added, landlessness due to monopoly of landlords and lack of basic industries remain to cripple the foundations of Philippine economy.

He further mentioned that there is nothing to hope for from the empty promises of a corrupt and treacherous US-Marcos II regime.

Like what transpired during Martial Law, this worsening situation will only lead farmers, workers, urban poor, intellectuals and other oppressed sectors to the path of armed revolution and join the ranks of the NPA, he concluded.###

Marcos’ SONA ‘expected from an illegitimate, puppet and corrupt Marcos Jr’