Masked soldiers terrorized farmers


Early Wednesday morning at least a company of soldiers wearing ski masks surrounded and assaulted the family residence of elderly farmer Nicolas Lasas in Sitio Igang, Barangay Talalac, Sta. Catalina, Negros Oriental.

They were looking for his two sons, Tata and Titi, implicated by the Negros Oriental TF-ELCAC in a fabricated murder case over the death of a notorious military intelligence asset punished by RMPC partisan unit in December last year pursuant to a People’s Court decision.

The Lasas family members present during the raid, majority of them minors and women, were aghast of the said heavy-handed measure and unnecessary show of force.

Shortly afterwards, the masked soldiers went to the house of another farmer Onyok Cadilena situated in adjacent Sitio Undol and interrogated heavily the latter about the whereabouts of RMPC units and personalities. The hapless farmer, unable to provide them with actionable intelligence due to lack of personal knowledge, was mauled and physically manhandled by its interrogators.

US-Duterte’s counter-revolutionary war is getting brutal every day and trampled upon the rights of the people with impunity. Small wonder why more and more people especially the youth are turning to the revolution and enlist in the NPA in great numbers. ###

Masked soldiers terrorized farmers