Massive Protests in France and Haiti Fueled by Global Oil Crisis Exemplifies Rising Social Revolution Against Imperialism

The National Democratic Front of the Philippines-Bicol together with the Filipino people, stands in solidarity with the peoples of France and Haiti in instenfying the massive surge of protests and struggles against rising poverty, unemployment and worsening economic crises. Unprecented social upheavals and revolutions all over the world against a more aggressive neoliberal imposition through the re-establishment of a worldwide fascist order have concretely put further dent and brought the monopoly capital system shaking on its knees.

The strategic decline of imperialist US continues to accelerate at a faster pace, and so is their desperation to overturn the same. This has resulted into intensified inter-imperialist contradictions with each superpower readily preparing itself economically, politically and militarily for a more violent war of aggresion to establish a new world order. Recent actions by US which include abandoning the Anti-Ballistic Missiles Treaty, planning to ditch the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty and possibly failing to extend a key arms control agreement, signifies US preparations to unleash a total war, and Russia and China is more ready to respond.

The worsening US-China trade war took its toll: with petrodollar monopoly slipping, US embarks on a desperate campaign to fully control global oil production as direct competition to China’s economic aggression, through its grandiose infrastructure pump priming. For US, an oversupply of oil is just enough fuel for its total war machinery. This trade war has resulted into a global oil overproduction. In an attempt to become the leading global oil producer, US has engaged itself with a series of brazen political, divide-and-conquer maneuvers to contain the Organization of the Petroleum Countries (OPEC) to produce less, with the aim of strategically barring the rising competition for power by revisionist states Russia and China, which influence has now gained ground not only within Europe and the whole Middle East, but also within OPEC.
US has forced its influence on OPEC through pressuring even its own ally, Saudi Arabia, the largest oil producer and probably the most influential OPEC member, to overproduce. Under pressure by Donald Trump, primarily brought about by the murder of Arabian journalist Kashoggi, the kingdom raised oil production to an all-time high in November, pumping 11.1 million to 11.3 million barrels per day. US also directed Saudi Arabia to initiate provocative efforts against Qatar which has resulted with the latter to quit OPEC by 2019. It has imposed economic sanctions on Iran’s oil exports targeted to actually go zero, on the basis of Iran fomenting revolutionary movements. US along with EU is planning to intervene militarily in Venezuela—the country which has the largest certified oil reserves in the world. With the imperialist policy of imposing tax on fuel to lessen its consumption by the people so as to fuel the military-industrial complex, certainly, this would result to overproduction.
This aggressive clash for political and economic might that would inevitably entail worsening oppression and exploitation, which have been further fueled by the impending global oil crisis, had lead to further widespread and intensified social and political turbulence even amongst developed capitalist states such as France. This imperialist policy on oil is just enough fuel for the people to stage massive mobilizations decrying neoliberalism. The gilet jaunes or yellow vests protests in France, conducted by 80% of France’s toiling masses, in the most luxurious city in the world, Champs-Elysse, was aimed to express the French people’s outrage over French President Emmanuel Macron’s globalist policies prominently exemplified by imposing taxes on oil consumption. The continuing protests have resulted into 400 arrests, more than a hundred wounded by police repression, and Macron threatening to declare a state of emergency in an effort to suppress the demonstrations.

On October 17, 2018 almost a million Haitians took part in a massive protest calling for a total overthrow of the US-imposed government which recently have misused the Petrocaribe funds intended for Haiti’s local development and to put pressure on the Venezuelan government.

Neocolonial states such as the Philippines experience much worse. The same raging tide of discontent against the US-Duterte regime’s imposition of fuel taxes through the enactment of TRAIN Law in addition to VAT, have been further aggravated by Duterte’s decision not to suspend the imposition of fuel excise tax by 2019. Moreover, the regime is on its way to establish a fascist dictatorship, to quell and repress the Filipino people’s ever-growing struggle against the full-fledged implementation of neoliberal policies in the country.
The Filipino people is one with all the peoples of the world in furthering the revolutionary struggle to defeat US imperialism. Through the establishment of an international anti-imperialist united front, a coordinated effort amongst all revolutionary and anti-imperialist movements, states and organization could overthrow the systematic and coordinated effort by the monopoly capital system to spread fascism and the curtail the socialist aspirations of the people.

Massive Protests in France and Haiti Fueled by Global Oil Crisis Exemplifies Rising Social Revolution Against Imperialism