MCC-NPA firmly salutes Ka Epi and all revolutionary martyrs

Every revolution is nurtured by the blood of martyrs. The National Democratic Revolution of the new type led by the Communist Party of the Philippines is no exception to this. Those who have been martyred in the process of waging revolution are immortal martyrs. Their deaths inspire the living and live forever by illuminating the path to liberation.

Along with other revolutionary martyrs, the memory of Mitchel Fat, commonly known as Ka Epi, is enshrined in the great heart of the exploited and oppressed masses in Negros. Ka Epi was martyred last August 31 in Kilometer 109, Brgy. Dancalan, Ilog, Negros Occidental.

There is no better way to honor the life and struggle of our revolutionary martyrs than to continue with much vigor our national democratic struggle to put an end to the semi-feudal and semi-colonial system in the Philippines. The demise of our fallen comrades won’t extinguish the fire in us. Instead, this serves as the signal fire that will spark the flames of revolution.

The reactionary state forces believe that they can end a revolution by killing the revolutionary. Every reactionary regime have attempted to stop the great revolutionary movement by unleashing terror against the people. However, history has time & again proven that they will be digging their own graves through such desperate acts. Duterte’s fascist campaign against the people cannot stop the growing revolutionary movement in the island against his tyranny and dictatorial ambitions.

We are fueled by the saga of dedication, courage, bravery and sacrifice of our countless immortal martyrs of revolution. As Chairman Mao Zedong said, “the road is torturous, the future is bright”. Our victory in this fight is certain!

Pulang pagsaludo!

Mabuhay ang mga martir sang rebolusyon!

MCC-NPA firmly salutes Ka Epi and all revolutionary martyrs