Message of condolences to Bishop Oscar Cruz’s family and friends

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) and all revolutionary forces wish to express sympathies to the family, friends and colleagues of former CBCP (Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines) president and Lingayen Bishop Oscar Cruz who passed away last August 26 at the age of 85.

He will always be remembered for his commitment to the poor and their aspiration for better conditions. He was a vocal opponent of corruption and the immorality of big bureaucrats who abused their power to aggrandize their wealth and power. He was a critic of the deep-seated social ills, linked arms with peasants and workers and supported their struggle for social justice. He defended the people’s civil and political rights. He joined mass struggles and stood among the people in their manifestation of their democratic will.

For his democratic commitment, Bishop Cruz will always be a friend of the Filipino people.

Message of condolences to Bishop Oscar Cruz's family and friends