Message of solidarity to the Freedom Road Socialist Organization on the occasion of its 8th Congress

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) congratulates the Freedom Road
Socialist Organization for holding its 8th congress. In behalf of the Filipino
proletariat, we extend our solidarity to every delegate and participant of your
importante meeting.

We are sure your congress will serve as an occasion to sum-up your work,
identify the strong points and weak points, in order to overcome weaknesses and
shortcomings and build on the positive gains with the view of advancing the
revolutionary cause of the working class and other oppressed classes and sectors
in the United States.

The CPP congratulates the Freedom Road Socialist Organization for its
unprecedented organizational growth. By helping lead the struggles against the
right-wing policies of the Trump regime, you are striking deep roots among the
toiling masses of workers and other oppressed and exploited groups. In doing so,
you are making Marxism-Leninism a truly vibrant and effective instrument of the
proletariat for their class liberation.

Your congress is being held amid the continuing grave capitalist crisis in the
United States. The American proletariat and people are suffering from
increasingly worse forms of exploitation as the capitalist system reels from
protracted depression since 2008, almost comparable to the Great Depression of
the 1930s. While the working class bear the burden of unemployment and low
wages, capital and social wealth become ever more concentrated in the hands of
the financial oligarchy and monopoly capitalists.

The American workers and other oppressed sectors have no other recourse but to
wage mass struggles to advance their democratic aspirations. The class conscious
proletariat must lead the mass of workers and people in their democratic and
class struggles. They must strengthen their resolve and prepare to face greater
class conflicts. Over recent years, the US government has been increasingly
resorting to the use of coercive measures to oppress the people. Domestic law
enforcement has become highly militarized. The Trump regime is rousing fascist
ideology against immigrants, colored people and other minority groups to divide
the working class and justify the use of more violent means of oppressing the

The American working class is confronted with indubitably the biggest monster
among the giant imperialist beasts. History, however, will inevitably prove that
a united working class, led by its militant vanguard, has the strength to bring
down the imperialist giant, seize political power from the hands of the
bourgeoisie, take control of the forces of production and build the socialist

In the Philippines, the Filipino people, especially the workers and peasants,
suffer gravely under the yoke of US imperialism and its subservient reactionary
classes. The chronic crisis of the semicolonial and semifeudal system continues
to deepen and worsen. There is widespread landlessness in the vast rural areas,
massive unemployment, homelessness, hunger, worsening state of public utilities
and services, low income and rising costs of living. The ruling reactionary
regime is increasingly virulent as it wages a counterrevolutionary war supported
by US military aid.

The CPP leads the revolutionary struggle of the Filipino proletariat and people.
Its Program for a People’s Democratic Revolution aims to overthrow the joint
class dictatorship of the big bourgeois comprador and big landlord class and
their US imperialist master, establish a people’s democratic dictatorship and
proceed directly to socialist revolution and construction.

The CPP commands the New People’s Army in waging protracted people’s war. The
Party employs united front tactics to unite the broadest section of the Filipino
people to defeat the reactionaries. The revolutionary forces led by the CPP are
arousing, organizing and mobilizing the broad masses of workers, peasants, the
petty-bourgeoisie and national bourgeoisie. Throughout the Philippines,
revolutionary mass organizations among the various democratic classes are being
strengthened. Organs of political power are being established at the village
level up.

The Philippine revolution, as well as the struggle of the American working
class, comprise part of the resistance against imperialism and all forms of
reaction across the world. Thus, the Filipino people and the American people
must build strong unity and forge various forms of cooperation as they advance
their common revolutionary cause.

Message of solidarity to the Freedom Road Socialist Organization on the occasion of its 8th Congress