Message to the NDF on its 47th founding anniversary


The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) and the New People’s Army (NPA) extend warm revolutionary greetings of solidarity to their allied organizations in the National Democratic Front (NDF) on the occasion of the NDF’s 47th founding anniversary today.

Today, let us extol all the heroes of the Filipino people’s national democratic revolution: those who have stood up against dictatorship and tyranny, who have fought for land and social justice, those who defended the environment against the plunderers, who marched against US military bases and intervention and who have defended the rights of all the oppressed and exploited.

National democracy is a continuing cause of the Filipino people because their aspiration for national and social liberation remain unfulfilled. National democracy remains the most urgent demand of the people almost 75 years since the country became a semicolonial and semifeudal lorded over by the US imperialists and their local puppets. As long as imperialism, feudalism and bureaucrat capitalism oppresses the Filipino people, the national democratic movement will continue to advance and gain ground.

The NDF has played an important role in the Filipino people’s revolutionary history. It has brought together a broad section of society to stand under the flag of national democracy. As the broad revolutionary underground, it has served as a solid foundation for the people’s struggles in both the cities and countryside. It played an exemplary role in the struggle to overthrow the US-Marcos dictatorship, as it is now playing an important role in the struggle to oust the US-Duterte regime.

The NDF has represented well the Filipino people’s cause both in and outside the country. It has also represented the people’s democratic government in peace negotiations and forged important agreements with the Government of the Republic of the Philippines (GRP).

In the face of the humanitarian crisis brought about by the militarized response of the Duterte regime to the Covid-19 pandemic, strengthening and expanding the NDF as the Filipino people’s most consolidated united front organization, has become even more urgent and crucial.

The Filipino people need the NDFP at this time to serve as their solid core as they combat both the Covid-19 pandemic especially in the face of the Duterte regime’s push to use the pandemic as part of its scheme to impose a fascist dictatorship. The NDFP must help in the broad effort to advance the rights of health workers, as they battle the pandemic at the front lines, as well as defend the democratic rights of the people against the militarized response to the pandemic.

As representative of the people’s revolutionary government, the NDFP, can amplify the call for a humanitarian united front to bring together all democratic forces to train all possible resources and mobilize the broadest number of people in a mass public health campaign to break the chain of transmission and stop the spread of the virus.

At the same time, it is the task of the NDF and its allied organizations to continue raising the people’s revolutionary consciousness by exposing the root causes of the Filipino people’s oppression, the injustice, their poverty, hardships and sufferings. It must continue fighting for the peoples national and democratic aspirations until complete victory is won.

Long live the National Democratic Front!

Long live the Communist Party of the Philippines!

Message to the NDF on its 47th founding anniversary