NDF-EV commends UP students and supporters for standing up to the fascist and tyrannical US-Duterte regime

The National Democratic Front-Eastern Visayas salutes the students of UP Tacloban and their supporters who were part of the thousands of students and youth activists across the country who manifested their vociferous opposition to the proposal for state forces to conduct surveillance and militarize their schools.

We congratulate the brave and militant Filipino youth and students for unwaveringly defending their democratic rights and opposing the schemes of the tyrannical US-Duterte regime to suppress opposition by implementing anti-student and anti-youth policies such as the revival of mandatory ROTC and the lowering of the minimum age of criminal liability.

Without regard for decency and rule of law, the US-Duterte regime employs the most vicious methods to silence and crack down on the broad spectrum of opposition including the youth and students.

The Filipino youth have shown that they are not deterred by Duterte and his militarist goons in the bureaucracy who engage in Cold War-era scare tactics and launch attacks upon the people that far exceed the brutality of all puppet regimes thus far.

In traditional and social media, the youth creatively express their disgust at the anti-people and anti-democratic policies of the Duterte regime, thus encouraging more people to call for Duterte’s ouster. They have gained the support of their parents, teachers, school staff, and the wide public who also join them in their militant action and defend them against the regime’s terrorist attacks.

Only the ouster of the US-Duterte regime can bring to an end the fascist attacks upon the youth and the people. The youth and students must not waver and continue to be the voice of the opposition in arousing, organizing and mobilizing their ranks to condemn and fight the Duterte regime’s tyranny.

The youth and students must also unite with the basic masses of workers and peasants, conduct social investigation and class analysis to learn the real conditions of the toiling masses, and support their democratic struggles. Ultimately, the US-Duterte regime is the best recruiter of the New People’s Army for showing to the youth and students that in the face of tyranny, there is no other way for national and social liberation than to take up arms and overthrow the reactionary ruling system.#

NDF-EV commends UP students and supporters for standing up to the fascist and tyrannical US-Duterte regime