NDF-EV condemns killing of Kadamay leader amidst recent spike in in human rights violations

The National Democratic Front-Eastern Visayas strongly condemns the murder of Kadamay leader Carlito Badion and accuses state security forces under the Duterte regime of the crime. To our knowledge, Carlito Badion, whose body was found in Ormoc City last May 28, had sought refuge in Leyte from where he hails after receiving death threats from the Duterte regime for his militant advocacy of urban poor issues.

The NDF-EV likewise condemns other recent human rights violations in the region even as the people are suffering from the COVID-19 pandemic and the martial law conditions imposed by the Duterte regime. Badion’s killings comes after the murder of peasant leader Allan “Mano Boy” Aguilando in Catarman, Northern Samar, in whar the 803rd Infantry Brigade claims as an encounter with the New People’s Army. In fact, Aguilando is a well-known leader of the Northern Samar Small Farmers Association. The allegations against him are baseless and the so-called recovered gun planted in the manner of Tokhang killings and other murders of peasants such as in Negros.

We also deny allegations the NPA is behind the abduction of Cosme Cabangunay and his sons Jevie and Jason in Barangay Canvais, Motiong Samar last May 27. We are aware that the Cabangunay men were earlier forced to “surrender” by the 87th IB even though they were merely peacefully farming in their community. We fear for their lives and demand that the military immediate surface and release them.

We also condemn the media report last May 24 that drunken soldiers of the 46th IB shot and wounded civilians in Paranas, Samar who complained about their noise. We demand the immediate rrest and punishment of Jover Mabaga and his cohorts in the 46th IB, as well as indemnification for the victims.

The rising human rights violations come as the people expect the worst still to come from the COVID-19 pandemic because of the Duterte regime’s incompetent response and the railroading of martial law measures to buttress the fascist regime and suppress all political opposition.

We call on the people to brace for the worst from COVID-19 and the Duterte regime’s fascist attacks and to prepare for struggle. The people have no other choice but to strengthen themselves and fight back until the Duterte is ousted or forced to step down. The people must wage armed and unarmed struggles to cause the downfall of the onerous regime in the soonest possible time.#

NDF-EV condemns killing of Kadamay leader amidst recent spike in in human rights violations