NDF-EV condemns killing of peasant, urban poor activists

The National Democratic Front-Eastern Visayas strongly condemns the extrajudicial killing of urban poor activist Carlito Badion and peasant activist Allan Aguinaldo by suspected state agents last week. “The Armed Forces of the Philippines have hunted down Badion and Aguinaldo for years,” said Fr. Ka Santiago “Ka Sanny” Salas, spokesperson for the NDF-EV. “We have reason to believe that Badion and Aguinaldo were extra-judicially killed, as part of the Duterte fascist regime’s relentless campaign to crack down on legal mass activists, and terrorize and subdue the people under the de facto martial law.”

A publicly-known spokesperson for the urban poor group Kadmay, Badion was forced to relocate to Leyte to escape the government’s crackdown against mass activists, after experiencing intense surveillance and harassment by state agents. According to initial reports, he was beaten to death on May 24 before his body was found the following day.

Meanwhile, Aguinaldo was a member of the Northern Samar Small Farmers’ Association. He participated in the Lakbayan ng Eastern Visayas in Manila in 2016 and in 2018. But last March 2, the municipal trial court issued a warrant of arrest against him for the trumped up charge of attempted homicide. More than two months later, Aguinaldo was killed in cold blood in his residence in Brgy. New Rizal, Catarman.

“We condemn the Duterte fascist regime and the AFP for their insatiable bloodlust against the legal democratic opposition. Even as the people are suffering due to the government’s incompetent and militarist response to the the COVID-19 pandemic, Duterte prioritizes his anti-communist witch hunt through Executive Order 70 to `end local communist armed conflict,’ where he paints critics and mass organizations as terrorists and kills innocent people. But in the end he fails to suppress the people’s hatred of his regime. He has only fanned it along with their call to oust him,” Salas said.

The NDF-EV spokesperson called on the people of Eastern Visayas to condemn this atrocity of the AFP and the Duterte regime. “They must denounce Badion and Aguinaldo’s killings as an affront to their democratic rights. The people must remain resolute in the midst of the Duterte regime’s onslaught on their life and rights. They must continue to insist on their democratic demands to isolate the corrupt, fascist, traitorous and anti-people Duterte, remove him from power and finally end his tyranny,” Salas ended.#

NDF-EV condemns killing of peasant, urban poor activists