NDF-EV twits police general: Election candidates defer to the People’s Democratic Government and the growing strength of the NPA

The National Democratic Front-Eastern Visayas dismissed Philippine National Police Gen. Ariel Arcinas’s claims the New People’s Army is inconsequential and only revives during reactionary elections as “desperate bluffing.” Arcinas, the police regional deputy director, made the claims to attack the issuance of the misnomer “permit to campaign/permit to win.”

Fr. Santiago “Ka Sanny” Salas, NDF-EV spokesperson, said, “The NPA will never be a has-been but the Duterte regime is bound to be one. In fact, the NPA is growing even faster today because of the Duterte regime’s mass murder, greed, narcopolitics, subservience to China and the US, Red-baiting and other attacks on the political opposition, and neoliberal regimen that is causing inflation and other sufferings for the poor. The NPA’s advance attests to the people’s defiant resistance, both armed and unarmed, to the brutal and immoral Duterte regime.

“The main task of the of the NPA during the present reactionary elections is to intensify tactical offensives against the military and police who carry out the fascist “counterinsurgency” Oplan Kapayapaan, Memo 32 and Executive Order 70. Such decrees by Duterte imposes virtual martial law in Eastern Visayas, leading to extrajudicial killings, harassments, mass evacuations and other violations of human rights and international humanitarian law.”

Ka Sanny also said the election candidates are obliged to recognize the existence of two governments in the country. “Election candidates recognize the existence of the People’s Democratic Government and the role of the NPA in enforcing revolutionary authority. They are obliged to ask for the direct permission to campaign and meet with the revolutionary authorities to discuss their programs and explore unities beneficial to the people. They are required to pay the appropriate electoral access fee to campaign in the revolutionary territory and to follow the rules against using the military, police and goons to intimidate the people and influence the election.”

Fr. Salas stressed, “There is thus no such thing as a “permit to campaign/permit to win” because the electoral access fee is not about buying votes, but obtaining the right to campaign according to the guidelines set by the revolutionary government. In reality, the revolutionary mass organizations under the People’s Democratic Government are educated about the reactionary elections as a form of struggle and individual voters make their choices freely.

“The deference shown by the majority of election candidates in Eastern Visayas to the People’s Democratic Government attest to the growing strength, moral high ground, prestige and open-mindedness of the revolutionary movement. This cannot be accepted only by narrow-minded, fascist idiots like Arcinas who spin the psywar the NPA has become a flash in the pan election phenomenon.”

The NDF-EV spokesperson thus concluded, “The armed revolutionary forces do not participate in the bourgeois or reactionary election as a matter of principle and because the ruling state prevents them. As far as the revolutionary movement is concerned, the reactionary election is characterized by mass cheating and terrorism as an instrument of the landlords, big businesspersons and big bureaucrats to take turns who will next oppress and exploit the people. There are of course revolutionary elections in the mass organizations and organs of political power where the people exercise their democratic right to nominate and elect through secret balloting leaders who are accountable and subject to recall. In the final analysis, revolution and not the reactionary election is the way to genuine change.”#

NDF-EV twits police general: Election candidates defer to the People’s Democratic Government and the growing strength of the NPA