NDF-EV unites with the people on #EDSA33 and tells Duterte: Your time will come

“We express solidarity for the people in commemorating this February 22 to 26 the fall of the dictator Ferdinand Marcos and the ouster of his fascist dictatorship through popular uprising,” said National Democratic Front-Eastern Visayas spokesperson Fr. Santiago “Ka Sanny” Salas today on the anniversary of the EDSA uprising. “It is timely for the people to remember the dark days of martial law and to remind GRP President Duterte who is bringing these back that his rule is likewise vulnerable to regime change. The deeper lesson is also that tyrants may fall and regimes may be replaced through a people’s uprising, but for as long as the reactionary ruling system remains, we must firmly pursue people’s war as the path to genuine change.”

Fr. Salas noted that the people must be resolute in fighting Duterte’s de facto nationwide martial law. “In the latest in the string of fascist attacks in rural Eastern Visayas, human rights groups have reported elements of the 87th Infantry Battalion camping in civilian structures and intensifying operations in at least five barrios in Paranas town, Samar. Fearing arbitrary arrest and torture by the soldiers, residents have not been able to go to their farmlands. Meanwhile, “peace and development” teams of the 87th IB are illegally intervening in the reactionary elections for a pro-military candidate in at least seven barrios in San Jose de Buan, falsely accusing the opposition as candidates of the New People’s Army, harassing residents in forced nightly meetings and taking their pictures without consent.

“The military’s attacks on around 545 barrios that violate human rights and international humanitarian law are part of Duterte’s futile attempts to end the revolutionary movement and to manipulate the results of the upcoming midterm elections in his favor,” he commented. “By pursuing his US-backed policy of all-out war, it is Duterte who is the real harbinger of lawless violence . By stirring them to intensify the struggle for his ouster, the reactionary kingpin is constantly reminded that uneasy lies the head that wears the crown.”

Fr. Salas called on all democratic forces to unite and condemn the violations of human rights and international humanitarian law in the countryside, and voice out support for the endangered peasant communities. “We urge all peace-loving people, especially human rights advocates, church people, mass media, youth and students and other sectors to show our indignation against the AFP’s wanton disregard for the people’s democratic rights. Let us expose and oppose the militarization in the countryside. Let us support the caravans and delegations of peasants who go to the cities to condemn the dire human rights situation in the countryside. Those in the cities can also express solidarity through caravans and delegations to the countryside to support the peasants and do social investigation.

“Let us drumbeat the military’s abuses by approaching television and radio networks, maximizing social media, and staging widespread mobilizations. The youth and students can go in droves to investigate the conditions of the downtrodden in the countryside and the roots of the crisis gripping our country.

“We must learn from the lessons of EDSA I: the people united can never be defeated and can even oust a tyrant. We must further pursue armed struggle to defeat all types of reaction attain national and social liberation,” Fr. Salas ended.#

NDF-EV unites with the people on #EDSA33 and tells Duterte: Your time will come