NDF-EV urges youth and students to fight for free education and other democratic rights against the fascist tyranny of Duterte

After getting strident opposition from the youth sector, the Duterte regime’s Commission on Higher Education (CHED) itself proved the sham of the much-ballyhooed “free education” program by stating some students are far more deserving than others to receive government education subsidy.

“Duterte’s ‘free education’ is another dirty joke at the expense of the students. The youth are already much acquainted with the socialized tuition scheme where some subsidize others and the reactionary government hides its abandonment of education. Duterte’s CHED in the region itself blurts out education is a privilege and not a right,” said Fr. Santiago “Ka Sanny” Salas, National Democratic Front-Eastern Visayas spokesperson.

Fr. Salas noted that aside from the free education scam, those who made it to college continue to face Duterte’s fascist tyranny through campus militarization and other attacks on students’ democratic rights. Out of fear of millions of militant youth and students calling for his ouster, Duterte is rushing anti-democratic impositions such as proposals for military presence in campuses and the conduct of school surveillance, Red-tagging, threats against campus press freedom, the revival of mandatory ROTC and the lowering of the minimum age of criminal liability.

Fr. Salas challenged the youth to persevere with their militant spirit and defy and foil the schemes of Duterte’s fascist tyranny. “Various schools, youth organizations and the whole youth and students’ sector must work together to briskly expose the free education scam, call for a nationalist, democratic, and mass-oriented education, fight against campus militarization and defend their democratic rights.”

The NDF-EV spokesperson urged the youth to join the broad spectrum of opposition to expedite the ouster of the Duterte regime. “Aside from their sectoral interests, they must fight alongside the basic masses. Only when the youth unites with the peasants, workers and other democratic classes and sectors can they achieve genuine change.”

Fr. Salas concluded, “Throughout history the Filipino youth have been at the forefront of those fighting for revolutionary change, from the Katipunan to the New People’s Army. We welcome the youth who are targeted by the fascist US-Duterte regime and all others who are of right age and want to voluntarily and truly serve the country to continue the fight on to the next level by taking up the armed struggle. Be part of the New People’s Army and the People’s Democratic Government. Valiantly fight alongside the masses toward the overthrow of the loathed regime and onward until national democracy is achieved.”#


NDF-EV urges youth and students to fight for free education and other democratic rights against the fascist tyranny of Duterte