NDF-EV: Warmongers such as new VisCom commander Diñoso are rewarded highly under Duterte’s terrorist regime

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The National Democratic Front-Eastern Visayas condemns the promotion of erstwhile 8th Infantry Division chief Maj. Gen. Pio Diñoso III as the new commander of the Visayas Commission (VisCom) of the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

The warmongering general which directed the 13-hour bombing, strafing and shelling spree in Dolores, Eastern Samar has been rewarded by his commander-in-chief Rodrigo Duterte with a higher rank and a wider scope where he will order worse and more brazen attacks against the New People’s Army and peasant communities.

In his more than two years as 8th ID commander and concurrent head of the RTF-ELCAC, Diñoso has served as Duterte’s principal henchman in carrying out the regime’s intensified all-out war against the people and the NPA in Eastern Visayas.

From July 2019 to August 2021, death squads within the AFP-PNP summarily killed at least 34 individuals, most of whom were peasants and included mass activists. Activists and progressives such as Tacloban 5 were arrested and detained on trumped up charges. Hundreds were forced to surrender and entire communities have been put under military rule and fascist repression.

Under Diñoso, at least 15 combat battalions of the AFP-PNP have been mobilized against the NPA. They have allocated at least P10 billion worth of armaments, salaries and expenses for combat operations and intelligence operations and psychological warfare veiled as Retooled Community Support Program.

Especially under the Duterte regime, soldiers and police personnel can only aspire to rise in the ranks if they commit the most brutal and inhumane acts of terror against the people. The generals who carry out the worst attacks are the ones who get the highest promotions, are rewarded the biggest share of swindled public funds, and enjoy legal protection from the regime despite their crimes.

Diñoso is a pestilence to the people of Eastern Visayas. With the NPA by their side, they are more than ready to face him as the new VisCom commander. They are also ready to fight tooth-and-nail against whomever will replace him in the 8th ID.

The NDF-EV calls on the people of the Visayas islands to determinedly wage armed struggle to frustrate Diñoso and the Duterte regime’s all-out fascist and terrorist rampage. #

NDF-EV: Warmongers such as new VisCom commander Diñoso are rewarded highly under Duterte’s terrorist regime