NDF -Negros: Collective action is our answer to Duterte’s fascism

NDF-Negros commends the legal mass organizations and other progressive individuals in Negros Island and the entire country for collectively condemning the railroading of the Anti-Terrorism Bill. This goes to show that the hopes of Duterte maintaining his power one way or another will only be met with the people’s collective outrage.

While it is no longer surprising that the likes of the Anti-Terror Bill are quickly decided upon while mass testing and measures to contain and address the public health crisis are shunned, the ATB is part of Duterte’s “new normal” scheme to pave way for his martial rule. The ATB, on top of the extension of Duterte’s emergency powers and billions more of debt for blatant corruption will continue to isolate the regime from the people. His tyranny has been exposed even up to the international stage.

The denial that the bill is only focused against ‘terrorists’ and that the masses have nothing to fear is an outright lie. They cover up the fact that Oplan Tokhang, Oplan Sauron 1 & 2, MO 32 and EO 70 through the NTF-ELCAC has red-tagged, unlawfully arrested, bombed & harassed communities, and murdered civilians and legal activists, even JASIG holders of the NDF. The bill with its draconian provisions will only normalize what has already transpired, especially in Negros that has been the lab rat of state terrorism.

It is clear that the Negrosanons and the Filipino people are filled up with the US-Duterte regime’s militarist response to the crisis. WIth this, the continued movement of the different mass organizations and other progressive individuals will broaden the united front to expose, oppose and eventually even oust the dictator from power. ###

NDF -Negros: Collective action is our answer to Duterte's fascism