NDFP celebrates the 76th anniversary of the glorious Workers’ Party of Korea!

The National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) extends the warmest revolutionary greetings to the Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK) as it celebrates its 76th anniversary in the leadership of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK). The alliance of underground revolutionary organizations of the Filipino people fighting for national freedom and democracy has profound respect and admiration for the party of the working class and people of North Korea—the party that led the struggle for a country that is independent from imperialism and is building socialism.

We celebrate the long and glorious history of the WPK. The party traces its origins to the Down-with-Imperialism Union (DIU), founded in October 17, 1926. The DIU represents a development in the struggle of the workers and people of North Korea for national freedom, democracy and socialism. Founded when Korea was under direct Japanese imperialist military occupation, it embodied the realization that the working class and the people are the most resolute forces in fighting for national liberation and socialism. It struggled against Japanese imperialism, in concert with the workers and peoples of the world fighting both colonialism and imperialism.

The DIU led the workers and people of North Korea in a long and protracted struggle for an independent and socialist country. After the victory from Japanese imperialist colonialism, the WPK was founded on October 10, 1945. Despite numerous hardships facing a newly-independent country and newly-formed party, the WPK immediately showed the workers and peoples of Korea and the world the concrete benefits of national independence and socialism, of taking their destiny in their own hands and harnessing the country’s resources for their own development: agrarian reform, nationalization of major industries, progressive labor laws, gender equality, prohibition of child labor, free education and healthcare for all, among others.

Through its firm grasp and creative use of Marxism-Leninism through the thought of Kim II Sung, Kim Jong Il and Kim Jong Un; through its firm unity in advancing the interests of the workers and people of DPRK; and through its close connection with the masses, the WPK was able to defeat numerous threats and attacks coming from US imperialism, the biggest imperialist power the world has known. From 1945 to this day, it successfully confronted and frustrated various imperialist attacks and threats—from the Korean War of 1950-1953 to the Cold War, from the supposed “end of history” and imperialist “globalization” to the “war on terror,” from the rise of US imperialism as the antagonist of the Soviet Union and then lone superpower to the present multipolar world where its moribund character has become more visible.

The NDFP is most delighted to hear news about the 5th Session of the 14 Supreme People’s Assembly of the DPRK, in session since September 28, especially the historic policy speech “On the Orientation of Present Struggle for a Fresh Development of Socialist Construction” delivered by Kim Jong Un. We unite with the DPRK in being vigilant towards the efforts of the US and its puppet regime in South Korea to continue their military actions in the Korean peninsula and to demonize the DPRK. We condemn these efforts and reject their scheme of fomenting and carrying out regime change in DPRK to bring about a country that is subservient to imperialism, under the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie and landlords, underdeveloped and whose workers and people are exploited and oppressed.

On the 76th anniversary of the WPK, the workers and peoples of the Philippines and the world are paying tribute to, and learning from, the revolutionary party’s history. We hold high the red flag of the hammer, sickle, and writing brush of the WPK, embodying the mighty unity of the revolutionary workers, peasants and intellectuals. We support all efforts of the party to evaluate subjective and objective conditions and come up with appropriate responses within the framework of defending and advancing national freedom, democracy and socialism — ideals championed by the workers and peoples of DPRK, the Korean peninsula, the Philippines and the world.

Long live the Workers’ Party of Korea!

Long live the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea!

Long live the workers and peoples of DPRK!

Down with US imperialism!

No to US attacks on DPRK!

For an independent and peaceful reunification of Korea!

NDFP celebrates the 76th anniversary of the glorious Workers’ Party of Korea!