NDFP-Negros vehemently opposes “Marcos Day”

The National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP)-Negros vehemently opposes the move of the Lower House to declare September 11 as “President Ferdinand Edralin Marcos Day”

We have said this before and we will never get tired of saying it again, Marcos is not a hero and he doesn’t deserve to be remembered and honoured.

We believe that this is another orchestration by the Duterte administration to kiss the heel of the late dictator. As if burying the late dictator in Libingan ng mga Bayani isn’t an enough insult to the numerous victims of human rights violations, Duterte wants to rewrite history and cover up the late tyrant’s crimes against the people. The proposed bill goes against the very essence of Republic Act 10368 also known as the Human Rights Victims and Reparation and Recognition Act of 2013 which recognizes the atrocities done by the late dictator and the massive plunder they have committed during the Martial Law period. Worst, he continues to copy straight out of the dictator’s playbook by terrorizing the people especially those who decisively fight.

The critical conditions perpetuated by the state’s terror and fascism compel more and more people to tread the path of resistance. As the storm clouds of outright dictatorship are brewing, it is imperative that we solidify our ranks in order to thwart the Duterte regime’s campaign of suppression. We will continue to resonate our call for justice for victims of extra-judicial killings, illegal arrests and other gross human rights violations.

Our decisive, collective and militant action will remind Duterte, Marcos and all other dictators’ that their place is in the trash bin of history.

The NDFP Negros calls on fellow Filipinos, especially Negrenses, to gather all our strength and courage to boldly and resolutely fight the looming dictatorship and fascist rule. ###

NDFP-Negros vehemently opposes “Marcos Day”