Negros and Cagayan de Oro vigilante groups behind red-tagging and killings are AFP/PNP creations

  1. PNP chief Gen. Oscar Albayalde is feigning ignorance when he ordered a probe of the Negros group Kawsa Guihulnganon Batok Komunista (Kagubak). This group which has openly tagged activists, human rights defenders and lawyers is a creation of the military and police forces in Negros Oriental. It is widely believed in Negros that Kagubak is composed of military, police and paramilitary agents.
  2. By feigning ignorance, Albayalde and the entire PNP are showing they have done absolutely nothing in investigating the murder of Atty. Anthony Trinidad who was among those tagged as “communist sympathizers” by Kagubak and who had filed a complaint against before local police.

    Even before he could start the probe, Albayalde is vainly trying to convince the public that the Kagubak is actually a creation of the NPA. This is a monstrous lie. As an army of people, the NPA exerts all effort to defend the people.
  3. The Negros red-tagging is no different from the Cagayan de Oro red-tagging and threats against life perpetrated by agents of the 4th ID hiding behind the so-called “Movement Against Terrorism-NMR.” They are emboldened by conditions of martial law in Mindanao to carry out these dastardly acts.
  4. The red-tagging of Cagayan de Oro personalities aims to hide the widespread killings and abuses of human rights being perpetrated by the military and police, especially in Bukidnon province, where at least 10 peasant activists have been murdered. By threatening journalists and human rights defenders to prevent them from reporting the real conditions in Mindanao.
  5. The red-tagging in Negros and Cagayan de Oro, are similar to red-tagging by Duterte himself, Albayalde, Defense Sec. Delfin Lorenzana, and other key state security officers. It is part of the counterinsurgency fascist doctrine under which the AFP is applying the tactic of “whole-of-nation control” to put every sector under its fascist control and threatening dominance.
Negros and Cagayan de Oro vigilante groups behind red-tagging and killings are AFP/PNP creations