Negrosanon unite against Marcos-Duterte fascist tandem in 2022 polls


Using the billions of pesos from the loot of erstwhile dictator Ferdinand Marcos Sr. and bureaucratic plunder of the present tyrant Rodrigo Duterte, the tandem of Bongbong Marcos and Sarah Duterte made use of an army of throlls and so-called social influencers to spread lies and distortions about Martial Law under Marcos and the de facto dictatorial rule of Duterte.

They are consistently whitewashing and revising history in order to make it appear that Martial Law referred by most Filipinos as the “dark period” was a “golden era” for the country. And to return to this chimerical period, Filipinos should elect Bongbong Marcod to GPH presidency.

We should not forget the atrocities and grave crimes of the Marcos open fascist dictatorship. The 70,000 that were imprisoned, the 34,000 that were tortured, the 3,240 that were killed, the more than 1,000 that disappeared and many others who suffered under Martial Law.

These are not mere figures or statistics but lives destroyed by Marcos Martial Law from 1972-1986.

Particular in Negros, we should not forget the victims of Escalante Massacre, Languini 9 (Candoni) Massacre and similar incidents of murder spree perpetrated by Marcos butchers, the Philippine Constabulary (PC) and Civilian Home Defense Force (CHDF).

In the economic field, we should not forget how Marcos bankrupted the national treasury and how unemployment worsened from 7.1% in 1965 to 12.6% in 1985, prices soared from 2.7% inflation rate in 1965 to 23.2% in 1985 and how immense poverty persisted. Up to half (49%) of the population were in extreme poverty by 1985.

In Negros, we should not forget the famine in 1980s as symbolized by the malnourished child Joel Abong when its sugar-based economy gave in to years of bureacratic corruption by Marcos and crony Roberto Benedicto and the neoliberal onslaught by IMF-WB and other imperialist multi-lateral institutions. Almost 200,000 workers lost their jobs and about 1,000,000 went hungry.

We must never forget the valiant struggle of the Filipino people against the Marcos dictatorship that culminated in the Edsa uprising that ousted Marcos Sr. We must not allow the revival and restoration of the Marcoses and the perpetuation of the Duterte dynasty from power.

Negrosanon must register its resounding and united voice against the fascist tandem of Bongbong Marcos and Sarah Duterte in the upcoming polls. At the same time, we must wage all forms of struggles and mass movements amid the worsening socio-economic conditions under the tyrant Duterte.

The desperate move of the Duterte regime to red tag the supporters of Leni-Kiko tandem, progressive senatorial aspirant Neri Colmenares and the Makabayan bloc is bound to fail. Because no amount of red tagging can cover up the truth and hide the glaring realities of poverty and repression.

The NPA should launch more frequent tactical offensives against Duterte’s fascist minions in the AFP, PNP and paramilitary forces. While NDF-Negros urges all patriotic elements in the armed forces to stand up for the people and junk Duterte as their commander-in-chief. ###

Negrosanon unite against Marcos-Duterte fascist tandem in 2022 polls