Real-Life Drama Acted by 79th IB-PA, No Armed Encounter Happened in Barangay Marcelo, Calatrava!


No armed clash happened between 79th IB-PA and elements of Roselyn Jean Pelle Command – Northern Negros Guerilla Front of the New People’s Army (RJPC-NPA) on July 6, 2022 in Sitio Banwa Minatay, Barangay Marcelo, Calatrava. Around 40 elements of 79th IB-PA indiscriminately fired at civilians.

At 11 o’clock in the morning of the said date, two elements of the 79th IB-PA initially fired indiscriminately at a forested area. The shooting prompts other fascist elements to shoot indiscriminately affecting the household nearby. This resulted to a child severely wounded from a gunshot, trauma of a mother, another child and other household members present and an illegal arrest of a civilian based on planted evidences. Follow-up investigation is to be conducted to check on the status of the child victim and other household members.

Since May 26, 2022 up to this writing, the 79th IB-PA conducts a massive military operation covering 11 communities of Barangay Minapasuk, namely Ekogan, Victory, Wingsing, Kalanugan, Yamingon, Nabaisan, Mangkak, Tinibiangan, Tagaytay, Kapanuyan, Crossing Kawayan and nearby sitios Inyam, Ulunganon, Banwa Minatay, Balagoncagay, Palala, Huybesan, Bugtong Linaw of Barangay Marcelo. During this military operation, residents have reported multiple incidents of threat and intimidation, community encampment, physical assault, psychological warfare, fake encounter and the recent indiscriminate firing which severely wounded a child, traumatized family members and a civilian’s illegal arrest based on planted evidences, all perpetrated by terrorist forces of 79th IB-PA. Due to fear of life, residents followed the perpetrators’ order not to report the said incidents to authorities.

Brigadier General Inocencio Pasaporte of 303rd Infantry Brigade, expeditiously made stories to cover up the incidents saying that an encounter happened between 79th IB-PA and the same remnants of the so-called dismantled Northern Negros Front from the recent self-claimed Minapasuk clash. RJPC-NPA reiterates that no encounter happened, whether in Barangay Minapasuk nor in Barangay Marcelo, in the past weeks.

In Northern Negros, a real-life drama is broadcasted based on the script writing and direction of Pasaporte, together with Colonel J-Jay Javinez of 79th IB-PA, which aims to garner an award-winning promotion. With the masses as the critics and adjudicators, the entry of Pasaporte is surely a flunker and only paid audience is willing to recommend the said show.

RJPC-NPA is calling all patriotic within the ranks of the uniformed personnel to unite with revolutionary forces in rendering genuine service to the people. We urge you to expose to the public the wrong-doings of your officials, fellow combatant and the institution you belong. RJPC-NPA welcomes those who are tired following marching orders of targeting civilians and those burned-out making up fake news and stories.

RJPC-NPA challenges the Commission on Human Rights and all human rights group to conduct an independent investigation on the so-called encounter and rights violations during the combat operation.

RJPC-NPA calls on all media outlets in Negros Island to conduct investigative reports and highlight civilian victims’ statement. We urge you to investigate the matters submitted to your respective offices.

Furthermore, RJPC-NPA calls on all the Filipino people, especially of Northern Negros, to overcome your fear and be united in exposing all rights violations and in opposing militarization of your community.

No Armed Encounter Happened in Barangay Marcelo, Calatrava!