No NPA members surrendered in Laguna, Quezon and Rizal! Only civilian Dumagat tribesmen were coerced by AFP to surrender

The military in Southern Tagalog Region is desperate in their campaign to destroy the revolutionary movement. So desperate that they continuously resort to forcing the civilian Dumagat tribesmen, elderly and minors, to surrender as NPA members to be presented to the media to bolster their image that they are winning in their campaign to destroy the NPA. The AFP claim, as reported in Philippine Daily Inquirer (PDI) yesterday, that 26 NPA members operating in the said provinces surrendered with 14 firearms and bomb making materials are lies and fake news. There is no iota of truth to their claim. No NPA members in the mentioned provinces ever surrendered to the AFP-PNP. All our NPA commanders and red fighters are accounted for and not a single firearm were taken by the AFP-PNP. The surrender of NPA fighters and firearms were all fabricated.

We condemn, in the strongest possible terms, the forced and fake surrender of Dumagat tribesmen by the military. They are forcing the tribesmen to surrender to pocket the funds allotted to each surrenderee under the enhanced comprehensive integration program (E-CLIP). Reward money were being offered to Dumagat tribesmen to convinced them to surrender as NPA fighter. Those who rejected the offer are continuously being subjected to surveillance, harassment and threat by the AFP-PNP troops that are encamped in their communities posing as Community Support Program (CSP) operatives under the US-Duterte’s anti-insurgency campaign plan OPLAN KAPANATAGAN. They are being made to choose to surrender as NPA fighter or be arrested, detained or get killed. The Dumagat tribesmen eventually chose the former to avoid being detained or killed by the government forces.

The E-CLIP program of the AFP-PNP is being used as milking cow of the AFP-PNP officers involved in the counter-insurgency operation. Funds coming from E-CLIP is being pocketed by the corrupt officers of mercenary AFP-PNP. Truth to this is the experience of the previous fake rebels who were forced by the AFP-PNP to surrender last January 2019. We have talked with them and all of them claimed that they are being shortchanged by the AFP-PNP. They were promised the amount of P65,000.00 each to be given to them automatically upon signing the surrender form given to them but they were given less than P15,000.00 because they were told that they are the ones shouldering expenses for transportation, board and lodging and other expenses when they were presented to the media.

Since the focused military operation (FMO) launched by the combined forces of AFP-PNP from May 2019 until September 2019 utterly failed to destroy any NPA units operating in the provinces of Rizal, Laguna and Quezon, the AFP officers in Southern Tagalog are resorting to desperate measures. They are forcing civilian Dumagat tribesmen, together with elderly and minors, to surrender as NPA fighters even if they are not. Even the local government officials in the barangay where the 26 fake surrenderees came from, can attest that those presented were innocent civilians.

The AFP officers in Southern Tagalog are habitual liars and purveyors of fake news. Brig. Gen. Arnulfo Burgos who is now the current 2nd ID-PA commanding officer is continuing the lies he was spewing when he was still the commander of 202nd Infantry Brigade. Together with his underlings Col. Alex Rillera of 202nd Brigade-PA and 2nd ID-PA spokesman Capt. Jeyrald Ternio, they are spewing out lies that NPA fighters are surrendering and that the revolutionary movement in Southern Tagalog is now in a stage of irreversible collapse to deceive the public that the AFP-PNP is winning in their campaign to destroy the CPP-NPA by using their so-called “whole of nation” approach. But to their dismay, no one is believing

We challenge the AFP-PNP officers to be man enough to accept that they failed. No amount of lies can cover the truth that NPA forces will not be destroyed even with their strongest military might because the people are supporting the NPA. The people know that the NPA are fighting for the interest of the Filipino people while the corrupt AFP-PNP are defending the interest of the domestic and foreign capitalist, landlords, oligarchs and bureaucrat capitalist to the detriment of the Filipino people.

Let’s continue fighting the purveyors of fake news. Let us condemned the lies and fake news being propagated by AFP-PNP and government paid trollers. We are one with the objective of PDI to propagate balanced and fair news. We are calling all press freedom fighters and Journalist to continue seeking truth from facts to avoid spreading fake news.


No NPA members surrendered in Laguna, Quezon and Rizal! Only civilian Dumagat tribesmen were coerced by AFP to surrender