Northern Luzon Command, spin doctors of fake news

Attempts of spin doctors of the Northern Luzon Command of the AFP and its organic divisions to portray the NPA as a declining force has taken desperate turns as they vainly try to concoct fake stories and innuendoes about the revolutionary movement. The latest fake news circulating in the social media is the mock battle in the boundary of Brgy. Buaya and Brgy. Mabaca, both of Balbalan, Kalinga last March 20, 2019 and the subsequent alleged capture of Arnold Tumbali.

According to Comrade Tipon Gil-ayab, Spokesperson, Lejo Cawilan Command of the NPA-Kalinga, the mock battle lasted for about an hour, causing fear and alarm among the peasant masses especially the children.

Comrade Tipon Gil-ayab clarified that Arnold Tumbali had long ceased as a member of NPA-Kalinga. He surrendered to the 50th IB last August 2018. Clearly, this is another case of recycling surrenderees. The recycling of surrenderees and forum cum surrender photo shopping are typical dirty tactics of the AFP since the darkest days of Marcos martial rule up to the present to conjure a declining scenario of the revolutionary movement and to prop up a favorable accomplishment report of the AFP at the same time line up the pockets of bounty hunting generals. Despite all the rhetorics, it is undeniable that bounty hunting and promotions are the main motivation of this surrender campigns.

Since the implementation of E.O. 70 creating their pipedream Task Force to crush the CPP/NPA last year, saw the intensification of this fake surrender campaigns in the Cordillera region. In Ifugao, several farmers in Tinoc and Asipulo were falsely accused of being NPA supporters. They were forced to attend a “peace forum” called by the military only to be bombarded with anti-insurgency propaganda and coerced to sign “clearance” documents and paraded for photo ops to be presented later as surrenderees by the 54th IB. In Mt. Province, a 14 year old girl was hoodwinked by the military to be used as a fake surrenderee. Spin masters and psywar experts of the 54th IB and PNP coached her to present a make believe story as an NPA recruit from Eastern Mt. Province who ran away while attending a military training in Isabela. Thereupon, even with an uncertain status, she alleged that while gallivanting, she was given an instruction by the commanding officer of the NPA through a text message to carry a sensitive mission to singlehandedly assasinate the PNP Provincial Commander. The story goes that while at the gate of the barracks, she collapsed for no apparent reason. To make the story short, these spin masters alleged that she carried a shoulder bag containing the cellphone with the said preposterous mission order text into it, subversive documents and some cash. Then, they changed the plot of her story. Actually, they alleged, she was going to the barracks to surrender. But again, her bag contain a loaded handgun. Such make believe story was scoffed at by the reading public of Mt. Province. Only the military and the PNP would appreciate such false stories. In Brgy. Aguid, Sagada, Mountain Province, the 54th IB ordered the community to participate in their fake ‘peace forum’, knowing that it is taboo for the local community to be doing another thing while a wake is ongoing. Later in the day, they forced two farmers to surrender in the flimsiest of reason. In Tubo, Abra, youth leadership seminars and similar elders forums were called for only to be turned as surrender activity and presented later as surrenderees.

All of these incidents show the lengths they would go through just to vilify the revolutionary forces. But the more they try to defame the revolutionary movement’s name, the more they show that they really fear the influence and prestige gained by the legitimate armed struggle of the people. In the vast countryside, the exploited and oppressed peoples know the truth. The NPA, as the armed instrument of the people’s war, has consistently stood up for the people’s interests against the imperialist plunder, unsatiable greed of foreign and local profiteers and landgrabbers. The NPA implement its punitive actions against notorious foreign and domestic companies and entities who plunder and destroy the people’s communities, land and their livelihood.

The so-called ‘peace’ posturing of the reactionary government is vilification and aiming for the capitulation of the revolutionary movement. This absurd notion of ‘peace’ is only favorable for the unbridled greed of foreign capitalists, big landlords and compradors seeking to further plunder the rich natural resources of the Cordillera and the whole country. But as long as the historical social injustices brought about by imperialism, bureaucrat capitalism and feudalism persists, as well as national oppression of the national minorities and Moro people likewise persist, peace based on justice will never be attained. The oppressed and exploited people will always assert their democratic rights and will fight back the oppressors.

The CPDF, as an allied member of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP), stands for the achievement of a just and lasting peace. If the US-Duterte regime ultimately closes its door for national peace talks with the NDFP to address the root causes of the raging civil war, and lay the basis for a political settlement, then the CPDF joins the revolutionary forces and the Filipino people to carry on the national democratic revolution till final victory. No amount of fake news, peace posturings of the US-Duterte regime to advance its unpeace agenda and tyrannical rule will deter our resolve to persist in moving forward through people’s war.

The CPDF joins the call for the people to fight more and expose the deceptions of the AFP and the whole US-Duterte regime! We have stood our grounds and frustrated every sinister schemes of previous regime from the Dictator Marcos to the US-Aquino II regime. We are confident to frustrate the present US-Duterte regime who have expanded its puppetry not only to its US imperialist masters but to China as well.

Expose the cheap lies and deceptions of the AFP/PNP!

Overthrow the US-Duterte tyranical regime!

Oppose the sell out of our rich natural resources by the US-Duterte regime to his imperialist masters!

FETAD! Rebolusyon Kayet!

Northern Luzon Command, spin doctors of fake news