NPA claims new victories in Western Samar as AFP turns on civilians over losses

The Arnulfo Ortiz Command (AOC) of the New People’s Army-Western Samar today claimed new victories in guerrilla warfare against the Armed Forces of the Philippines and slammed the Duterte regime’s military for venting its losses on innocent civilians.

“Last January 21, Red fighters successfully harassed the paramilitary camp of the 52nd IB CAA in San Jose Depanaugan, Gandara,” the AOC said. “Meanwhile, on the same day in San Jorge town, Red fighters defended themselves in a counter-raid against 20 attacking troops of the 63rd IB; two soldiers were killed in action.

“Earlier on January 19, at around 12 midnight, Red fighters also harassed the 52nd IB camp in Barangay Concepcion, resulting in one enemy soldier killed in action and two more wounded. The enemy soldiers also indiscriminately strafed the surrounding houses of civilians. There were no NPA casualties in all these armed engagements.”

The NPA-Western Samar said it will further intensify guerrilla warfare against the Duterte regime’s all-out war through Oplan Kapayapaan and scheming towards fascist dictatorship. “All NPA units in Western Samar under the Arnulfo Ortiz Command are ordered to carry out guerrilla offensives according to capabilities and actively defend themselves to leave the enemy bleeding from many wounds while punching the air,” the AOC stated.

Furthermore, the AOC called on the AFP to stop its cowardly attacks on defenseless civilians and challenged Duterte’s military to come after the NPA instead. “We condemn the AFP for turning on civilians over its losses, leading to forced evacuations particularly in San Jorge. We demand the GRP and its military observe the Comprehensive Agreement on Respect for Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law. We call on the people to dare to take up armed struggle, support and join the NPA against the fascist, puppet and corrupt US-Duterte regime!”#

NPA claims new victories in Western Samar as AFP turns on civilians over losses