NPA hits Dagoy for staging Carigara “encounter” to cover up losses, attacks on civilians

The Efren Martires Command (NPA-Eastern Visayas) today belied the claims of Army brigade commander Lope Dagoy that Red fighters suffered heavy losses in an encounter with elements of the 93rd Infantry Battalion in Caghalo village, Carigara, Leyte last October 2. “No NPA unit engaged in firefight or had their arms confiscated in that area at the time,” said EMC spokesperson Ka Karlos Manuel, thus laughing off the awarding ceremony held by Gen. Dagoy for the 14 soldiers who “fought” with the NPA. “Dagoy along with the spin doctors in the 8th Infantry Division staged the ‘encounter’ in Carigara to cover up their losses against the NPA, and to hide the Leytehanons’ scorn of the military for driving them out of their lands and other attacks on civilians.”

Manuel said that Gen. Dagoy has cooked up his fair share of fake encounters and surrenders. “In truth, it was elements of the 8th ID who suffered more casualties from August to September, where at least 16 soldiers, including a military-intelligence asset in Hilongos, have been killed. Meanwhile, last April, Gen. Dagoy held a fake ‘peace rally’ to present 1,200 innocent civilians in San Isidro town as ‘NPA surrenderers.’”

According to the EMC spokesperson, Gen. Dagoy weaves these lies because he knows the people of Leyte detest him and his soldiers. “By virtue of the Duterte regime’s ‘whole-of-nation approach,’ Dagoy feigns mass support of their ‘counter-insurgency’ program. In truth, the people hate him and his troops for being paid mercenaries of despotic landlords, for ordering the 93rd IB and 78th IB to drive away poor peasants from the lands they have been tilling and depriving them of livelihood, such as in Calubian town last December and in San Isidro last February.”

Manuel asserted that what the masses support is the just war waged by the NPA against the fascist and oppressive military, a true people’s war that puts forward their interest to attain peace and social justice. “It is this support that the AFP aims to destroy by targeting their attacks towards civilians through their community support program operations. Ultimately, it is bloodthirsty butchers such as Dagoy who misrepresent the people as supporting the fake surrenders, ‘persona non grata’ declarations, and fake encounters such as in Carigara.

The EMC spokesperson assured, “The people of Leyte along with the broad masses will make certain Dagoy, who wages his fascist terror by the blessing of his commander-in-chief Rodrigo Duterte, will be made to answer for his lies and crimes. They will surely gather greater support for the people’s war against the current oppressive and exploitative system Dagoy and his ilk continue to defend, and join the broadening movement calling to end the tyranny of all the fascist die-hards such as Dagoy.”#

NPA hits Dagoy for staging Carigara “encounter” to cover up losses, attacks on civilians