NPA mounts successful tactical offensive in Batuan, Bohol

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The Silvino Clamutcha Provincial Operational Command – New People’s Army – Bohol successfully mounted an ambush against elements of CAFGU and paramilitary action agents of the 47th IB in Barangay Aloja, Batuan, Bohol on April 26 at 5 p.m.

According to initial reports, two military agents identified as Rolan Furnes of Buhog, Montehermoso, Carmen and Jaime Cagatin of El Salvador, Sierra Bullones were killed in action. Meanwhile, CAFGU element Michael Hinampas of Katipunan, Carmen was wounded and another one identified as Antonio Muring of Napo, Alicia was reportedly missing.

The said tactical offensive was mounted in lieu of the CPP central leadership’s call to all units of the NPA to mount more tactical offensives in the whole country to defeat the regime’s plan of crushing the peolpe’s revolutionary movement and its army-the NPA-as carried out by the NTF-ELCAC, and punish the fascist, corrupt, dictator and bloodstained US-Duterte regime and its AFP which carries out all methods of terrorism or state-sponsored attacks against the Filipino people.

The NPA has not violated the CARHRIHL contrary to the accusations of Liza Quirog, Chairman of Bohol PTF-ELCAC as the targets belonged to a paramilitary group and are therefore legitimate military targets as stipulated in the laws of war declared by the Geneva Convention under the PROTOCOL-II. The two who were identified as members of the BONGA (Bohol Organized New Guardian Association) are neither ordinary nor innocent civilians. They were assigned as “action agents” by the military to organize an intelligence network in the village for the military’s largescale combat operations in the area.

There is also no truth that the Bohol Organized New Guardian Association are proponents of peace and development as they bring trouble and disunity among their villages. They spread misleading anti-communist propaganda and threaten the masses using the Anti-Terror Law. Thus they are deplored by the masses.

The NTF-ELCAC, a civil-military junta runnning Duterte’s government, places the powers of civilian bureaucracy under military power. It enforces state terrorism and openly tramples on human rights of the Filipino people. Therefore, it is not the CPP/NPA/NDF, rather the US-Duterte regime which is the real terrorist as the CPP/NPA/NDF abides by the CARHRIHL and it has a pro-people political agenda.

Therefore, the useless NTF-ELCAC must be abolished, and the AFP and paramilitaries which enforce state terrorism, punished. The civilian local government and its agencies must break ties with the NTF-ELCAC and not allow itself to be used by the military and let the power of civilian bureaucracy prevail over so it would not be included and smeared with the atrocities of the US-Duterte regime and the AFP which indulges in all levels of anomalies.

NPA mounts successful tactical offensive in Batuan, Bohol