NPA Mt. Province pays the highest tribute to Marxes “Ka Jigs” Dazon

The Leonardo Pacsi Command – NPA Mt. Province pays the highest tribute to Marxes “Ka Jigs” Dazon, and the four other martyrs of the August 8 encounter in Sta. Lucia, Ilocos Sur. The LPC and all revolutionary forces in the Mt. Province send the warmest condolences to Ka Jigs’ family, friends and community.
Ka Jigs was an Igorot youth from Tadian and Besao Mt. Province. He was responsible and hardworking as he aspired for a bright future for his family and ili (community). Despite the opportunities available to him to pursue individual dreams, he set his foot on the ground, eagerly analyzed the Philippine society and took seriously the valuable lessons and inspiration of our ancestors and martyrs. At the age of 19, he decided to join the New People’s Army.
In the span of two years, he quickly developed as a red fighter and a dedicated member of the Communist Party of the Philippines. Ka Jigs has become a military cadre, leading a squad while contributing to the unity and integrity of the entire unit. Ka Jigs was equally active in the political and cultural work within the unit and among the masses. He emphasized on the need to raise consciousness about the history, situation, struggle of the people and their strength to change the rotten system. Ka Jigs also had a renewed hope and inspiration from his child, and became more determined to serve the interest of the majority towards the establishment of a socialist society for the next generations.
As a national minority youth, Ka Jigs held tight on the communal responsibility to defend ti daga a nagtaudan (the ancestral land), even as he went to different provinces and region, tirelessly performing the tasks of the NPA – advance the agrarian revolution, establish the people’s government, and wage the people’s war. Ka Jigs was resolved that only the victory of the national democratic revolution and the construction of a socialist society will ensure the right to ancestral land and self-determination of the Cordillera people and all national minorities. Across boundaries, the masses embraced Ka Jigs who was an example of the willingness of the ordinary people to tend to each other and advance the revolution.
Ka Jigs bravely took the continuing challenge posed to the youth – to achieve the bright future free from oppression and exploitation. He did not wish for his comfort, wealth, fame nor any personal interests. He chose not to be cowed, deceived nor used by the puppet state and its fascist armed forces to terrorize and pacify the people demanding for land, jobs, just wages and other democratic rights. He wholeheartedly strived for the liberation of the Filipino people from the chains of the imperialists, landlords, compradors and bureaucrat capitalists. Ka Jigs offered his strength and skills to serve the masses until his last breath.
The Leonardo Pacsi Command renders a red salute to Ka Jigs – an examplary cadre of the Cordillera, a true hero of the Filipino people and the oppressed people advancing liberation struggles wordlwide. With the worsening socio-economic crisis and as the US-Duterte regime intensifies its fascism and dictatorial rule, the LPC enjoins the youth of the Montanosa and Ilocos to selflessly serve the people, take the arms left by Ka Jigs, and join the NPA. Fetad!
NPA Mt. Province pays the highest tribute to Marxes "Ka Jigs" Dazon