NPA-Negros: 4 persona caught are not NPA


The New People’s Army – Negros released an official statement on Sunday, July 12 denying the Armed Forces of the Philippines’ allegations that they caught alleged high-ranking officials of the CPP-NPA in Brgy Magballo, Kabankalan City, Negros Occidental.

“Emmylo Cañares, George Buga-ay, Relyn Moreno, and Raffy Patajo are not high-ranking officials. They are not even members of the NPA. These people are but victims of the US-Duterte regime’s intensifying state terrorism, targeting innocent civilians to label as top brass for bounty to corrupt and to try and demoralize the revolutionary movement.”, opened Juanito Magbanua, NPA-Negros Regional Spokesperson.

“Since the implementation of MO 32, EO 70, and E-CLIP, the AFP has fabricated lie after lie to legitimize illegal arrests for two reasons: to pocket the P65,000 supposed livelihood & immediate assistance intended for ‘surrenderees’ and to try and save their failed campaign to weaken the revolution. But of course this has only been empty rhetorics as armed struggle has become a viable option for more Filipinos as the state has attacked the people in all fronts.”

“Their claims to have caught official after official and that the revolutionary movement in Negros is weakening has only been openly opposed by their own commander-in-chief Duterte and their mercenary institutions who made a distorted claim that the CPP-NPA is a bigger threat than the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, much to the disdain of the millions of dislocated families.”

“NPA-Negros remains to operate in 5 guerilla fronts in the entire Negros Island. Their focused military operations have only angered the people even more as they only brought terror, hunger, and now even the virus in communities who long to be free from exploitation of the landlords and big compradors.”

“Their planted evidence and misnomer of the movement as ‘Communist Terrorist Groups’ or ‘Communist National Terrorists’ is contradictory to the United Nations, who recognize the CPP’s belligerent status. Even the UN Human Rights High Commissioner has presented a comprehensive report on their brutal war on drugs and counter-insurgency who recycle planted evidence, once and for all proving that they are the real terrorists. All these grave human rights violations are expected to worsen when Duterte’s Terror Law will be fully enforced.”

“The Filipino people are now veered towards the radical option of armed struggle as state fascism has threatened their jobs, health, and lives. As state attacks worsen, the NPA will surely grow in numbers as a result, thanks to the #1 recruiters: Duterte and his mercenary AFP-PNP.”, ended Magbanua.

NPA-Negros: 4 persona caught are not NPA