NPA-Negros: Response to the 3ID’s recent statement re EO70

The 3ID of the Philippine Army has really thrown its logic out of the window. In its desperation to prop up itself to overshadow #CPP51, its Commander and Spokesperson have only displayed in public how rotten the Philippine Army is. If indeed EO70 is working, why does 3ID Commander Vinoya have to threaten local government officials to coerce them to declare the NPA as unwelcome?

Today on Negros media outlets (quote from VDS): “Refusing to declare the communist-terrorists unwelcome is like supporting their terroristic activities. And, supporting this terrorist group is a betrayal of public trust”, Vinoya said.

It is quite obvious that the AFP is up to no good. How dare the 3ID speak of betrayal of public trust when their fascist troops have spilled much Negrosanon blood in the name of their butcher commander-in-chief! In less than two weeks time the Joint Task Force-Negros’ impossible deadline of decimating the NPA’s North and Central Negros fronts will expire. What will that make JTF-Negros and 3ID Commander Eric Vinoya?

The 3ID top dogs are frantically concocting fake news and spreading terror to cover up its failure of destroying the genuine people’s army. Its foot soldiers, left as cannon fodders, are cursing their officials and many have gone AWOL.

The Negrosanons cherish the New People’s Army. That is a fact. The Negrosanons with the Filipino people will raise their fists high this December 26, 2019 in jubilation of the 51st anniversary of the Communist Party of the Philippines! That is truth.

NPA-Negros: Response to the 3ID's recent statement re EO70