NPA-RUC claims latest tactical offensive in Las Navas, refutes PNP-EV Chief on use of CDX


The New People’s Army – Rodante Urtal Command based in Northern Samar today claims ownership of the tactical offensive against elements of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) – Philippine National Police (PNP) last April 3 in Barangay San Miguel, Las Navas where at least one police was reportedly killed and at least five others were wounded.

“This is in response to complaints by the masses in Barangay San Miguel and Barangay Osang against the harassment, midnight interrogations, encampment within public utilities including the school, chapel, and the multipurpose hall, among other rights violations perpetrated by elements of AFP-PNP in the area,” Amado Pesante, Spokesperson of NPA-RUC said.

The NPA-RUC also refutes allegations by PNP-Eastern Visayas Director Brig. Gen. Bernard Banac that the use of command-detonated explosive (CDX) is violative of international humanitarian law.

“The spirit of international humanitarian law is to prevent civilian casualties in the conduct of war. What the Ottawa Treaty prohibits are landmines that are contact-detonated or those that cannot distinguish unarmed civilians from their armed targets. The San Miguel offensive which used CDX shows that the attack was targeted only to operating soldiers and police who are legitimate targets in war,” Amado Pesante said.

Pesante said CDX is way more controlled than the AFP-PNP’s terrorist bombing that blows out of proportions, killing and traumatizing wide range of population with no regard whatsoever if those hit are civilians or combatants.

“The AFP-PNP pretends to be champions of IHL even as they commit the worst forms of IHL violations, including the killing of two children Andrei Mercado, 12, and Leandro Alivio, 13, who were mercilessly strafed by the AFP in Barangay Roxas in Catubig last February 8. They are the real terrorists, hated and despised by the people for their abuses, lies, and fascist attacks against civilian communities,” Pesante ended.

NPA-RUC claims latest tactical offensive in Las Navas, refutes PNP-EV Chief on use of CDX