NPA scores victories in Northern Samar, chides 8th ID for lying about clashes

The New People’s Army in Northern Samar (Rodante Urtal Command or RUC) today claimed victories against forces of the 8th Infantry Division-Philippine Army in the past weeks, as it called out the government troops for lying about its own casualties and exaggerating those of the NPA.

The RUC reported that two active military agents of the 803rd Infantry Brigade were killed in separate partisan operations. It also belied official government reports on its recent clashes with the 20th Infantry Battalion, saying at least one soldier was wounded while only one Red fighter was killed in another encounter.

Death squad leaders known by the masses as “Boy Singkit” and Jason “Dasoy” Ribay were meted out with the death penalty last September 27 and October 20, respectively, upon the decision of the People’s Revolutionary Court.

Red fighters punished “Boy Singkit” in the Catarman town proper at around 6 o’clock in the morning. The people’s court previously found the death squad leader responsible for the deaths of several barangay officials who were supportive of the struggles of local peasants in the 1st District of Northern Samar, among other vicious killings.

Meanwhile, Ribay, leader of the 803rd IBde hit squad covering the 2nd District, was found responsible for the deaths of dozens of civilians, including the barangay captain of Brgy. Rombang in Laoang town and several students. He was also found guilty of extortion and other counter-revolutionary activities.

Rebuffing official reports from the 8th ID, the RUC claimed a soldier was hit by a bullet on his back after a unit of the NPA on active defense clashed with a platoon of soldiers of the 20th IB outside Brgy. Epaw last October 8. There were no casualties on the side of the NPA, while military troops who retreated to the barrio forced residents into assisting their wounded.

In the same town, “Ka Uno” of the RUC gallantly laid his life in an encounter between his unit and the combined forces of the 20th IB and the 81st Division Reconnaissance Company last October 12 in Brgy. Sag-od. The two other Red fighters allegedly killed were merely wounded and are safely with their unit.

RUC spokesperson Ka Amado Pesante chided the 8th ID for “tirelessly resorting to fake news and psywar – one of their many futile attempts to hide the fact that the NPA remains strong and cannot be defeated by Duterte’s mercenary troops.

“Without the selfless sacrifice of sons of the people such as ‘Ka Uno’ and the wholehearted support of the masses, the NPA could not have executed its military actions. The masses continue to put their faith in the true People’s Army which vows to carry on defending them from the fascist goons of the Duterte regime,” Pesante ended.#

NPA scores victories in Northern Samar, chides 8th ID for lying about clashes