NPA to emerge stronger and more determined to fight amid Duterte’s all-out dirty war

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Gen. Gilbert Gapay, AFP chief, was apparently high on some hallucinogenic substance when he claimed yesterday that the New People’s Army (NPA) is on the decline with “so many rebels surrendering.” There is absolutely no basis in reality for the general’s claims.

The AFP’s propaganda about the “weakened” state of the NPA is built on top of a mountain of lies, human rights abuses and corruption which AFP officers have built over the past 3-4 years. Almost everyday, they spin a web of press releases and social media postings promoting false information including the thousands whom the AFP has paraded as “NPA surrenderees.” They recycle old weapons from their armories and claim these are surrendered firearms. Military-photoshopped and -staged images of civilians are not uncommon.

In the course of this psywar campaign, the rights of tens of thousands of people in rural villages are systematically violated. Soldiers swoop down on communities, impose hamlet policies where they take away people’s political and economic rights, place severe restrictions on people’s movements and subject them to endless abuse and oppression. Having no access to legal representation, the masses are subjected by the military to unlawful arrests, detention, torture, conscription and other abuses. Killings of peasant leaders and activists remain unabated.

AFP boasts of so-called “economic livelihood programs” merely obscure the fundamental land problem of the masses. These as well as showcase housing projects serve as milking cow as military officers skim millions of pesos from the “community integration program” and leave the masses hanging dry. Counterinsurgency funds are among the biggest sources of corruption especially among the higher echelons of the AFP.

The masses are turning to the NPA in order that they could defend themselves, their families and their land, and to enable them to wrest back the freedoms taken away by the state terrorists. To a growing number of people, taking up arms and waging resistance has become the only option in the face of Duterte’s dirty war.

The NPA, thus, continues to grow in strength in terms of new recruits as well as deeper support among the masses. The NPA performs its role as the genuine people’s army, by raising the people’s political consciousness and in building their organizations, assisting them in their day to day tasks in production, and helping them in their struggle to advance their democratic interests. True to being the people’s army, the NPA extends medical and public health service to the masses.

In the face of widespread state terrorism by the Duterte regime, the NPA is ever determined to wage revolutionary armed struggle. Red fighters are ever willing to make the necessary sacrifice to serve the people. The NPA will continue to carry out tactical offensives against the Duterte regime’s fascist troops. Guerrilla warfare will continue to spread across the country and defeat the fascists one by one and make them pay for their cruelties against the masses.

One after another, AFP generals will retire frustrated from their declared aims of defeating the NPA. They all end up in ignominy.

NPA to emerge stronger and more determined to fight amid Duterte's all-out dirty war