NPA to government contractuals: You are welcome in the people’s army


“To the contractual government workers retrenched due to bickering within the ruling system, you are more than welcome in the people’s army,”said Ka Karlos Manuel, spokesperson of the Eastern Visayas Regional Command of the communist-led New People’s Army.

Almost 4,000 contractual workers from the regional office 8 of the public works department alone have been rendered jobless due to the inability of Congress to pass the 2019 General Appropriations Act.

“The rotten Duterte regime treats its workers as dispensable goods through contractualization, leaving them vulnerable to the current retrenchment due to the factional pettifogging of politicians,” added Manuel.

GRP President Rodrigo Duterte used ending contractualization as one of his battlecries in his electoral campaign. But years after he took office, contractualization prevails.

“The hideous tyrant Duterte is lying through his teeth when he blabbers about ending ENDO. The best thing to end at this moment is his tyrannical regime,” said Manuel.

“The Efren Martirez Command is open to the jobless, landless and other disenfranchised who are willing to serve the people and fight for a better future. Together let us support the people in ousting the despotic Duterte regime and go on to fight for national democracy and make land reform and national industrialization possible to uplift the people and ensure economic progress,” concluded Manuel.

NPA to government contractuals: You are welcome in the people's army