NPA will not surrender to fascist terrorist tyrant

1. Without a people’s army, the Filipino people have nothing to defend themselves against the US-Duterte regime’s fascism, campaign of mass murder and state terrorism. The NPA is the Filipino people’s liberation army. It would be a betrayal of the people’s struggle for national and social liberation for the NPA to bow to the will of the tyrant Amboy Duterte.

In behalf of all Red commanders and Red fighters, the NPA National Operations Command rejects Duterte’s delusional surrender demand. The New People’s Army will not surrender to a fascist terrorist tyrant. The people’s war will continue to be carried advanced towards victory.

2. Duterte and his top military officials threatens to crush the NPA by the end of 2018. He boasts of acquiring new attack helicopters, surveillance and strike drones and other modern armament from the US military and other imperialist countries. The people and their revolutionary forces are braced for Duterte’s war of suppression which is set to combine aerial bombing, mass murder and destruction and all-out state terrorism.

The NPA, however, is not intimidated. With mastery of guerrilla warfare and combining new with old tactics and relying upon the deep and widespread support of the people, the NPA and the Filipino people will surely frustrate Duterte’s full-scale war of terror.

3. The NPA National Operations Command calls upon all units and fighters of the NPA to evermore strengthen/steel their determination to serve the interest of the masses and the whole country. Let us further heighten our fervor in carrying out our historic task of liberating our country from the clutches of the US imperialism, domestic feudalism and bureaucrat capitalism personified by Duterte himself.

4. The NPA will not heed Duterte’s call for surrender. On the contrary, it will intensify and expand guerrilla warfare on an ever widening and deepening mass base.

It will carry out more tactical offensives nationwide against the most notorious units of the AFP and its attached paramilitaries, as well as special forces and combat units of the PNP responsible for summary killings of peasants, abductions, torture, occupation of communities and other grave crimes and violations of human rights.

The NPA will continue to implement the policies and regulations of the people’s democratic government to protect the environment and the country’s natural resources against the military-backed plunderers and oppressors.

The NPA will also heed the demand for justice of the tens of thousands of victims of extrajudicial killings under Duterte’s so-called war against drugs. The NPA aims to punish the operators of state-funded and -directed vigilante groups. The NPA will also continue its efforts to dismantle the criminal syndicates, including the drug trade.

5. In waging revolutionary armed struggle, the NPA strictly adheres to the Comprehensive Agreement on Respect for Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law (CARHRIHL) and pertinent war protocols and conventions comprising international humanitarian law. The NPA also assiduously abides by its Three Main Rules of Discipline and Eight Points of Attention.

6. The NPA calls on all members of the AFP, PNP, CAFGU, all other AFP-attached paramilitaries to leave the employ of the oppressors. The NPA calls on the youth not to join the AFP and PNP even in the face of desperation for jobs.

Furthermore, the NPA calls on all soldiers, police and paramilitaries not to resist an NPA offensive and simply peacefully surrender to your NPA captors. You are assured by the NPA’s Rule No. 8 which stipulates never to harm captives. As proven in the past, the NPA will protect your rights and accord you humanitarian treatment. Those accused of crimes will be given due process to defend themselves.

We also call on all members of the AFP, PNP, CAFGU and other AFP-attached paramilitaries not to summarily kill your captive enemies, whether NPA or Moro fighters. In the name of humanity and in accordance with the laws of war, you must disobey and resist the order of your bloodthirsty your Commander-in-Chief to “kill, kill and kill”.

NPA will not surrender to fascist terrorist tyrant