Offensives launched by the NPA-Bohol are forewarnings to AFP-PNP

Last November 30, 2019, the New People’s Army – Bohol harassed the Philippine Army Jungle Base Training Camp in Barangay Rizal, Batuan while its installation is underway as a strong forewarning to the fascist military forces. The Red Fighters’ harassment operation reverberates the fervent disapproval of the Boholano people to the foolish plans of the AFP and the local government to turn the province of Bohol as a training hub for Duterte’s butcher military dogs.

The construction of the said camp started last November wherein it aims not to only accommodate military troops in Bohol but the rest of the country. As per the Training & Doctrine Command of the Philippine Army, one platoon every month will train at the camp to heighten the security in the province.

But history did not fail to reveal that wherever the military presence is, the corresponding political killings, harassments, threats, illegal arrest & detentions, redtagging, and countless other human rights violations against the people prevail and aggravate. Hence, the genuine objective of the establishment of this training camp is undoubtedly not for civilians’ safety and protection but for the fascists to unfurl their military abuses to the Boholanos. It can be recalled that last October, three civilian residents in Barangay Rizal were illegally arrested, ruthlessly beaten, and forced to guide the operations of the military and police forces of the 47th IB and SAF-PNP. Residences of barangay captains in Rizal, Batuan and Dagohoy, Bilar were also simultaneously raided and both barangay officials were threatened not to influence themselves with the NPA.

Furthermore, the NPA – Bohol also executed a death punishment to Crisanto “Santo” Dela Cruz, an active intelligence officer and CAFGU member under the 12th IB, last December 14, 2019. In the said military action, the NPA confiscated a caliber .45 pistol from Dela Cruz. He was notorious for his harassments, surveillance, and death threats to residents of a certain barangay in Bilar. Right after the incident, the Red Fighters discussed the grounds on Dela Cruz’s punishment enforced by the revolutionary movement through a mass meeting of the witnesses in a cockpit arena in Barangay Zamora, Bilar where Dela Cruz was executed.

These operations initiated by the NPA – Bohol are genuine assertions that the NPA and the revolutionary Boholano people, through the leadership of the Communist Party of the Philippines, are eternally geared up to struggle against any monstrous counter-insurgency campaigns of the AFP, the US-Duterte regime, and the succeeding reactionary regimes intended to suppress the surging revolutionary movement until the toiling masses claim their long-yearned victory. These also serve as a series of warning to the vicious AFP-PNP: more tactical offensives will be launched against them so long as they continue to pester and trample on the lives and livelihood of the Boholanos. The unceasing support of the Boholanos to the NPA and the revolutionary movement is an attestation that the US-Duterte regime and its armed minions are the actual persona non grata in Bohol and the entire country.##

Offensives launched by the NPA-Bohol are forewarnings to AFP-PNP