On Anti-Terrorism Council Resolution 28 designating CPDF as a terrorist organization


The Anti-Terrorism Council branding is but a broken record from a broken system.

Together with 15 others, the CPDF is once again maligned and vilified. This is tantamount to a dismissal of the people’s and national minorities’ issues that the CPDF has espoused throughout its existence. Protection of resources and people’s livelihoods, defense of territory, assertion for accessible social services, justice for the victims of institutionalized discrimination and retribution for those killed fighting for these causes. Where is the terrorism?

The ruling class, those that form and empower councils made up of fascists and their rabid lapdogs, this is the ilk that will not accept a basic premise: a lifelong denial of these rights will rightfully give birth to armed revolution. They go to bed at night comforted by their false thoughts that what they have before them is terrorism and not organized armed resistance advanced by the people themselves. Using a so-called ‘anti-terrorism’ council to keep marginalizing the already marginalized can only lead to further alienation of the government from its own people.

With a hundred percent certainty, the CPDF reaffirms its cognizance of the need for a protracted people’s war. Cordillera is warrior country and it has been more so since the onset of a semi-feudal and semi-colonial system that relegated the national minorities as second class citizens of its own nation. The minorities, as with the rest of the Filipino masses, has no other option but to wage a revolution. Calling it terrorism is the fascist’s folly, but it will also be their downfall.

On Anti-Terrorism Council Resolution 28 designating CPDF as a terrorist organization