On Duterte’s plan to enforce hamletting


The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) denounces Duterte’s plan to hamlet rural residents which will surely result in widespread and gross violations of human rights and grave sufferings on the toiling masses.

Hamletting or the forced concentration and detention of people in military-controlled camps is a brutal, cruel and illegal tactic of an isolated and desperate regime. It was used by the Americans against the Filipinos in the Fil-Am war and against Vietnam and by Marcos and the AFP under martial law. In all cases, hamletting involves widespread military abuses against the people and economic dislocation.

As proven by history, hamletting will fail in completely terrorizing the people and suppressing their resistance. It will only further stoke the people’s anger and steel their determination to end the US-Duterte fascist regime.

On Duterte's plan to enforce hamletting