On Matuguinao Mayor Aran Boller’s foolish “surrender deadline”


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No one is surprised by the “surrender” deadline set by the foolish, hawkish, military dog and Matuguinao mayor Aran Boller to barangay captains accused of supporting the NPA before Feburary 15. If not, he declares, they will be charged for violating the fascist Anti-Terror Law.

What else can the people of Matuguinao expect from the criminal overlord of notorious death squads “Alsa Masa” and “Dos,” coddler of notorious counterrevolutionaries and bad elements “Laloy,” “Luis,” “Ombo,” and “Bobby,” the mastermind behind the killing of not less than 18 individuals including ordinary peasants and perceived political opponents such as ex-mayor Carlos dela Cruz, ABC president Yurbit Diaz, and barangay captain Otot Obiado, the frustrated killing of Sangguniang Kabataan members who refused to support him in the 2016 elections? What else can we expect from this warlord whose reign of terror saw to the extrajudicial killings of not less than 17 individuals in Matuguinao from 2017-2019?

What else can the people of Matuguinao expect from this butcher of a mayor who is a member of the Intelligence Service of the AFP (ISAFP), one of the most vocal local officials who actively assists the fascist government in the fake surrender of civilians, and engages in barefaced lying and black propaganda against the revolutionary movement?

Boller thinks that with strong-man rule and fear, he can threaten the people of Matuguinao into silence but actually they despise and ridicule him. Despite his braggadocio and collusion with the military, and threats, a song entitled “The Butcher-Terrorist Mayor Aran Boller” (sung to the tune of “Manok na Pula”) became a hit among the residents. He seemed very affected by this that he had to call the barangay captains to a meeting to force them to stop the spread of this song.

Boller just yaps, boasts, and intimidates because he is terrified of revolutionary justice. He is afraid that the NPA-Arnulfo Ortiz Command may finally complete the capital punishment they attempted to serve in November 2018. Like a docile dog, he colludes and submits to the whims of Lt. Jasper Pecson, commander of the “massacre battalion” 19th IB, for his security. But revolutionary justice shall be sure to hound him because of his countless crimes against the people.

Boller’s declared “surrender deadline” forms part of the Duterte regime’s over-all program of surrender and pacification. Barangay captains who choose to “surrender” cannot expect a peaceful life thereafter. They will always be strong-armed by Boller and the AFP into participating in psy-war operations, in lying to and causing intrigue and disunity among their constituents, identifying suspected NPA supporters whom soldiers will harass, interrogate, arrest or kill.

The National Democratic Front-Eastern Visayas condemns Boller’s use of the Anti-Terror Law to intimidate the people of Matuguinao into “surrendering.” We call attention to how this draconian and unconstitutional law was already used to arrest two Aeta minorities in Zambales whom the military alleged to be NPA members.

The NDF-EV calls on the people of Matuguinao to remain resolute and frustrate the Duterte regime’s surrender campaign and all-out state terror. The people of Matuguinao have a long history of militancy and bravery, which they can revisit and can serve as inspiration in the midst of the intensifying war of suppression implemented by the AFP-PNP and by militarist local officials such as Boller.#

On Matuguinao Mayor Aran Boller's foolish "surrender deadline"