On Operation “Branstark”

In order to boost the morale among the ranks of the AFP/PNP and deodorize their name, Police Regional Office 7 Director B. Gen. Debold Sinas released accomplishment report of Operation “Branstark”.

Operation “Branstark” is the joint tactical operation of AFP and PNP units particularly in mountainous areas of Ayungon, Mabinay and Bindoy in Negros Oriental in order to track the NPA unit responsible for the killing of four police butchers in Ayungon last July 18.

It is not just plain coincidence that Operation “Branstark” started last July 24 – the start of the series of killings across Negros Oriental with the murder of known human rights defender, Atty. Anthony Trinidad.

What Operation “Branstark” accomplished so far is a misencounter among the fascist ranks, and brutal attacks against innocent civilians either by killing or illegal arrests.

In a previous statement, we have maintained that no armed encounter happened between the NPA and the AFP/PNP in Sitio Talaptapan Brgy Nalundan, Bindoy, Negros Oriental last July 29. The AFP/PNP are too ashamed to own up to their misencounter due to their failure to chase the NPA.

The AFP and PNP are known to make up stories in order to mask their failures. To compensate for their inutile efforts, the fascist troops of the reactionary regime picked up four farmers in three separate incidents and accused them of being NPA members.

On July 26, the 94th IBPA apprehended Onie Bangala, 37 yrs old, at Brgy. Carol-an, Ayungon Negros Oriental. Following their misencounter in Brgy. Nalundan, Bindoy, Negros Oriental last July 29, the AFP/PNP fabricated another lie by saying they arrested an NPA fighter in the name of Efepanio Cabusog, 61 yrs old. Two more farmers were illegally arrested in Sitio Yamot Brgy Mabato, Ayungon Negros Oriental namely Rico Oracoy, 39 yrs old and Lito Cadusale, 51 yrs old. In true AFP/PNP fashion, they planted firearms and explosives on the four farmers which they illegally arrested. The AFP/PNP even went through lengths and accused Oracoy and Cadusale as part of the responsible for the killing of four Intel operatives in Ayungon.

Duterte and his fascist military and police continue to step up further various extra-judicial killings, baseless arrests, red-tagging and trumped-up criminal cases against the people.

In actual facts, it is the tyrant Duterte and his reactionary armed forces that have actually become the best recruiters for the NPA, and are daily compelling the Filipino masses to take up arms and join the NPA.

We are one with the people of Negros in the demand for the tyrant Duterte and his armed cohorts to stop targeting and attacking civilians.


On Operation "Branstark"