On PNP “anti-sparrow” operations

Hindi namin alam kung ano ang batayan ng sinasabi ni Duterte at ng tagasunod
niyang si PNP Chief Bato dela Rosa tungkol sa diuamano’y stepped-up operations
ng NPA SPARU. It seems Duterte is doing some scenario-building to hatch up
another tyrannical scheme. The PNP plan to have a group of “seasoned retired
police officers” to train PNP field personnel on “anti-sparrow” operations
sound shady, to say the least. Recall that in the late 1980s, the PNP and AFP
used the “anti-sparrow” operations to set up so-called “secret marshalls” which
were used to attack activists, especially among the urban poor groups,
resulting in numerous cases of “salvagings.”

On PNP "anti-sparrow" operations