On push for ICC to launch probe into Duterte’s crimes against humanity

The Party welcomes the move seeking the International Criminal Court (ICC) permission to start a full-blown investigation into the tens of thousands of police killings perpetrated under the Duterte regime’s drug war.

The CPP supports the clamor for justice of the victims of the police drug killings, a sham campaign to dissemble Duterte’s war to control the drug trafficking syndicate in the Philippines.

By claiming that the complaints filed before the ICC were merely instigated by the CPP, Malacañang is subjecting the victims of drug killings to red-tagging in a vain attempt to undermine their demands for justice.

Malacañang is making false claims to non-interference to prevent a collegial international body to investigate crimes upon request of Filipino victims of state-sponsored crimes.

There is clearly a failure of the Philippine judicial system when only one (the Kian delo Santos killing) among the thousands of police killings has been resolved to make the police answer for their crimes.

Duterte must be held accountable for inciting the PNP to “kill, kill, kill” and emboldening them with repeated assurance of legal protection. Thousands of cases of police killings are swept under the rug on the pretext of the PNP’s trite “nanlaban” (resisted arrest) storyline.

The CPP calls on all victims of Duterte’s drug war and extrajudicial killings by the AFP and PNP against social activists to unite and amplify their demand for justice. Unite to make Duterte answer for all his crimes against humanity.

On push for ICC to launch probe into Duterte’s crimes against humanity