On the 10th death anniversary of Comrade Rachelle Mae Palang

A Woman Unbound by Struggle

Kabataang Makabayan – Cebu Chapter – Rachelle Mae Palang command commemorates the 10th death anniversary of its namesake with a red salute. Ka Rachelle continues to be an inspiration to the Filipino youth to join and take part in the National Democratic Revolution.

Ka Rachelle was a student leader and the former Vice President for Visayas of the College Editors’ Guild of the Philippines (CEGP). She helped other student publications and establish student councils in schools that had none. Despite being a graduate of Nursing and passing the board exam to be a registered nurse, she did not choose to live a comfortable life as a professional. Instead, she took the road less travelled by and offered her life to the people and to the revolution, fighting for the exploited farmers in Negros who until now are victims of land grabbing and militarization. She used her skills to serve the people who are deprived of health services.

On September 18, 2008, she was martyred. While on a medical mission, the Armed Forces of the Philippines killed her. Until her last breath, she fought to set free the exploited masses, during the US-Arroyo regime.
To give one’s life for the people and the revolution is a sacrifice heavier than a mountain. Ka Rachelle exemplifies a true revolutionary, a woman unbound by the struggle. Now, more than ever, the Filipino youth should arouse, organize, and mobilize the broadest number of youth and establish more chapters in every school and community, to rise against the tide of fascism facilitated by the US-Duterte regime. Ultimately, Ka Rachelle’s memory does not only serve as an inspiration but a challenge to the patriotic youth to go to the countrysides and serve as political officers or commanders of the New People’s Army to take part in the people’s protracted war.

Only through militant struggle can the best in the youth emerge.

Long live Rachelle Mae Palang!
Long live Kabataang Makabayan!

On the 10th death anniversary of Comrade Rachelle Mae Palang