On the 54th IB’s “peace dialogues” with Mountain Province LGUs


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In an effort to coerce civilian authorities of Mountain Province to join their bloody “anti-insurgency” campaign, the 54th IB of the AFP conducted a series of “peace dialogues” with some municipal governments. One was conducted with Sagada LGU last February 19, and another with Bontoc LGU last February 26. We stand that these dialogues were moro-moro, for these were totally controlled by the military. Local officials had raised some issues like the blatant red-tagging and harassment on community organizers and people’s organizations, but these were brushed aside. Instead, the 54th IB just presented the pseudo-pro-people programs of the National Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict (NTF ELCAC), and their ready-made persona-non-grata declarations against the revolutionary movement. Representatives from people’s progressive organizations were even prevented from participating. While local dialogues were happening in the municipal level, the 54th IB does not entertain the invitations of the provincial LGU of Mountain Province for a dialogue.

These military-controlled “peace dialogues” were only conducted to further repress the voice of the people, for people’s issues were not at all discussed. It will not resolve the human rights violations done against our kakailyans. It will not resolve the armed struggle and social unrest here in the countryside. We call on all MP LGUs from the barangay to the provincial level to stand for and with the people, condemn the human rights violations done by the 54th IB, and call for the resumption of peace talks between the GRP and the NDFP. We call on all iMontanyosa to stand against military occupation of our villages, defend our kakailyans who were red-tagged and harassed by the AFP and PNP, and continue fighting for our democratic rights and interests.#

On the 54th IB's "peace dialogues" with Mountain Province LGUs