On the 93rd IB’s hallucinations over the revolutionary movement in Leyte

Lt. Col. Roberto Beatisula of the 93rd Infantry Battalion makes feverish speculations on the revolutionary movement in Leyte. We bring to light the following facts:

1. The New People’s Army is bound for victory while the Armed Forces of the Philippines is on a losing course as an oppressive instrument of the reactionary ruling system. Approaching its 50th founding anniverrsary this year, the New People’s Army is now deeply rooted among the masses of the people in Leyte because it is fighting for their national and democratic interests. It is well-entrenched among the peasant masses who rally to the agrarian revolution and the building of democratic power, while the AFP has completely failed over decades to win despite being better-armed and US-backed.

2. It is the AFP that is the losing force against the NPA, for blindly obeying fascist GRP President Duterte and unleashing a war of terror upon the people. Their commander-in-chief is fast becoming isolated from the people because of his cruelty, corruption, and servility to US imperialism.

The AFP must be losing its mind because despite its billion-peso budget, a militarized bureaucracy, and direct US intervention, it has failed to strategically defeat the NPA.

The AFP is so desperate that whenever it loses to the NPA, it spreads lies and retaliates against civilians. In the Calubian counter-raid by the NPA last December 13, the AFP concealed losing one soldier killed in action and another one wounded, while imagining casualties on the side of the NPA that did not suffer any. The army soldiers even forcibly arrested a barangay chairman and another innocent civilian and forcibly evacuated villagers.

Whatever “outreach program” and public relations stunt of the AFP does to present itself as peace-loving are belied by the almost daily reports of human rights violations in the 545 barrios in Eastern Visayas, which they have subjected to intensified militarization by virtue of Duterte’s Memorandum Order 32 and Executive Order 70.

3. Duterte’s idol Marcos failed to nip the revolutionary movement in the bud then and Duterte will fail now in Leyte and elsewhere, no matter how many deadlines he sets and whatever fiction he conjures. With the burgeoning broad united front against his fascist dictatorship, his days are numbered. The 93rd IB hallucinates at its own peril.#

On the 93rd IB’s hallucinations over the revolutionary movement in Leyte